Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Opera for children and their parents by Atanas Kosev

Libretto - Dimitar Dimitrov

Directed by Darina Glavanakova-Bakardzhieva

Restoration - Lina Peeva, Peter Tiholov

Conductor - Ivan Kozhuharov

Choreography - Galina Kalcheva

Set design and costumes - Ivan Tokadzhiev



The stepmother who is also a peasant, a gypsy, a grandmother and a witch

Snow White


Furies - evil creatures


A mirror that knows everything

Seven fun dwarves:



          Once upon a time, there was a Snow White ...

          You know this tale, dear children - Snow White had no happy childhood at all! She, of course, was a royal daughter. But her lovely mother left this world early and left her precious baby in the care of her father, the king. But he remarried, and his new wife was not at all kind to the good girl.

          The new queen, or in other words, Snow White's stepmother, had a magic mirror. Besides talking, well, she could easily point out who is the most beautiful woman in the world. That's why the queen-stepmother kept him, because whenever she asked the mirror "Who is the most beautiful in the world?", She always said one thing - "You, queen! You are the most beautiful in the world!"

          Yes, but Snow White was growing. And when she grew up she became the most beautiful in the world. More beautiful than the queen-stepmother. Which thing you didn't like about that fact! She ordered the royal hunter to take Snow White to the forest and return from there alone, but with the poor girl's heart. The awful, awful story ...

          Of course, the good hunter just left the girl in the woods. How exactly he misled the queen for killing her hated step-daughter - that's why the story is silent, but we know that a little pathway that led to a small house has been abandoned in Snezhanka Forest. In this cottage, she found seven small beds, seven small chairs, seven small plates that belonged to seven little jungles ... who, returning from work in the mines of the mountain, found a wonderfully pretty girl sleeping in one of the beds.

          The seven Judges, who called themselves Professor, Giggle, Laughing, Curious, Knowingly, Muttering and Toddler turned out to be good souls. They loved Snow White as their little sister and they were very happy when she agreed to stay in their cottage and take care of them while they worked.

          And so Snow White finally lived happily ever after ...

          Actually not! She did not live happily ever after. Because that damn talking mirror betrayed all the work - it again admitted to the queen that the most beautiful on earth was Snow White. And that only meant one thing - that Snow White is still alive ...

          The evil queen learns from the mirror exactly where Snow White is, and in a minute devises a clever plan - to go to the dwarf's cottage, destined as a saleswoman. Said, done! The imaginary saleswoman tempts the girl with shiny knickknacks that every girl likes - combs, laces, even belts for pretty dresses ... The cunning stepmother suggests changing the girl herself with the belt. But so tight does the girl cross her waist that she stops her breath. Then it quickly disappears from there, leaving Snow White breathless.

          Good thing good dwarves get home from work! They find their sister and release her from the tight belt. The girl is recovering. The job is clear to all - the alleged saleswoman was Snow White's evil stepmother.

          Of course, during this time the queen learns from the mirror that Snow White has not only come to life but is still the most beautiful on earth - a fact that brings her to real rage! This time the crafty villain devises another plan - she is destined to be a gypsy who can make beautiful combs. She goes to the dwarf's house again and tempts the girl with the best comb she has. And then - soaked in poison! As soon as I put it in Snow White's hair, the girl falls breathless.

         The dwarves did a good job again! They quickly understand what the job is and throw away the poisoned comb. Snow White comes to life again.

          But the evil stepmother turns to the mirror that evening ... again putting out all the work! And of course, the queen is mad! This time there will be no forgiveness for Snow White! The evil woman plunges an apple into the poison and, like an old woman, goes immediately to the dwarf's house. Where it is clear, finds Snow White.

          And what the girl sees is a miserable old woman who is sick of her. The old woman wants a guide. Well, how not to give it to her! After the imaginary old woman recovered, she began to insist on paying Snow White the kindness she had done. Snow White, being already very cautious, refuses. But the old woman still seduces her and ...

          End! That's all with Snow White! All that's left is the dwarves to find her and say goodbye to her, accompanying her for the last time.

          But, of course, the story can't just end like that. As the dwarves mourn Snow White, a prince who has gone hunting in the forest, just appears. Of course, he falls madly in love with Snow White and kisses the breathless girl. And, oh, miracle - sweet beauty is waking up! Snow White is saved, love triumphs, dwarves are also extremely happy!

          What about the evil stepmother? Well, she ... she's asking again and questioning this empty mirror - which one, which is the most beautiful one in the world! And he knows only one thing - "Snow White, the new queen!"

         Well, now such an evil woman as an evil stepmother can't resist! Her heart breaks into thousands of pieces of grief and she crashes dead!

         Long live the Snow White, the Prince and the Seven Dwarfs!