The Four Twins Musical comedy for children and adults by Georgi Kostov

Music: Georgi Kostov

Libretto: Pancho Panchev

Production: Alexander Tekeliev

Director: Darina Glavanakova-Bakardzhieva

Assistant Directors: Lina Peeva, Petar Tiholov

Conductor: Jordan Daffov

Set designer: Ivan Tokadjiev

Choreographer: Galina Kalcheva

Costumes: Anna Tokadzhieva



Grandma, who goes around the world and tells stories


BONKA, their friend

AUNT GENA, her mother

CHORBADZHI PETKO, father of the twins



          Once upon a time, a village as beautiful as all Bulgarian land was. It was called Bliznakovo and was home to four twin brothers, the same as four bricks, removed from one mold. What was this miracle? God's work!

          Even as babies, their mother constantly confused them and often fed one of them two or three times, leaving the other hungry. They cried, she fed them, they somehow managed, until one day she became ill and soon left them, orphans. Then their father miraculously saw himself - and what to do, he bought four colored caps and slipped them on their heads. But since then, it's been a while since the caps have grown and become big drops! So big that they looked at the girls already. Rather, they looked at their friend Bonka ...

          And as they looked at her, they ordered themselves at her door to ask her for her mother. Belcho was the first. Aunt Gena asked the young man how his days were going. How about games! And for work and a word to come, Belcho returned. He asked for aunt Gene's daughter, her pretty Bonka. But the wise mother asked him if she liked his daughter. Well, we're the same, Belcho said - what to like. The question is who will cheat the other ... And personally, he, Belcho, distinguished himself from his brothers by the rich godfather in Istanbul - Belger Bay. If Belcho Haber were to marry him, he would bury Bonka in silk and gold. Gena shrugged and sent Belcho away - he would talk to his father about the matter.

          A short while later, his brother Cherno set out. Aunt Gena asked the young man about this. Cherno and he didn't even intend to go to work. He wanted to go to the fairs with his brothers and show up to the people - the four identical, miraculously unseen! But aunt Gena didn't like those things. She drove Cherno away.

          It's not a long time ago - so is it, and Diagnosis meets him. And he wants a bride for a bride. Aunt Gena talked to him, asked him ... He was more of a scoundrel than the previous two! With a trick he managed to get everything from his brothers for himself - so he thought Bonka would win if her mother didn't give it to him. And her mother only had to hear that - she immediately drove out the earpiece!

          And, finally, Zhelcho, the fourth brother, arrived. But Gena was so angry with his brothers that she didn't want to hear him at all! She just made it! And he brought up a white flower for her and left her home.

          According to the words of the Bonka's mother, Zhelcho returned to them with his father, Chorbadzhii Petko. Already alone, the mother of the future bride and the father of the future bridegroom are arranging to marry the girl for one of the twins, but for whom - it will be decided in a very wise way. Chorbadzhi Petko will send his sons to Gurbet for five years. Whoever brings the heaviest gold bracelet, a gift to Bonka, he will marry the girl. And the girl herself is tasked with preparing a cheesecake. So, all five young people will learn to work. Said, and done!

          It's been four years since the twins left for Gurbet. One of them took up the trade and opened a khan. The other became a gold digger, as the rumor said. The third was in Istanbul. And the fourth - it is not true, but it was said he became a robber! And Bonka, that pretty girl - she cooked all her chorbadzhi Petko cheeses. But she grieved for the brothers. She wondered what they were doing, what they were, what they were, whether they were still the same, whether they had changed ... Her mother, aunt Gena, came to her aid. She changed her with her father's clothes so that they would not recognize her, and led her to visit the four brothers to see her eyes, teasing the young girl. This may give her an answer as to which of the four is most worthy of her husband. So Bonka becomes Boncho.

          Bonka left, ie. Boncho, look for the brothers around the world. He first came across Chernio. Who, but really, became a robber! Chernio has said that he has made a lot of money to buy gold, which he will make on the bracelet. And the bracelet was to win the bet on a girl - just Bonka, yes! At the time when Chernio was leaving his father's house, Bonka was very beautiful when she was painted! But now he just wanted to show how wealthy he was ...

          Immediately after Chernio, Boncho met Zhelcho. He really became an innkeeper. But he wasn't a good one either - he had just sold his own brother Chernio two pieces of lead instead of gold! Is that right now - cheat on your brother! And the bet for the girl? Well - the girl is poor, so she is unlikely to take it.

          The third of the brothers Boncho sees is Belcho. Indeed, it turns out that the third brother left for Istanbul and went to the Visar service. And they liked him so much that even the Vizier daughter asked about him. However, he did have to go to his home village these days, Bliznakovo, as he was betting on a girl (she doesn't even remember her name), but to go Boncho instead of him and lie to her that he had drowned so as not to wait for him.

          Bonka saddened. Apparently neither of the three brothers became a good man. Only in Jelcho was her hope. And he was the only one who, when the four of them hurt her, blushed and lost his mind and word when he saw her, a sign that his feelings were sincere. And he was the only one who had been brought up in the care of her mother when he went to ask Bonka for a wife.

          Won't you, and Zhelcho meets him. He really became a gold digger, he hadn't seen a living man for four years, worked hard to sift through the sand of gold - hard and ungrateful work. But, as Boncho explained, he was willing to work because he had a big goal - to win for a woman he loves madly. He even kept the flower she used to accompany him.

          The day has come. Bonka returns home and the first thing her mother asks is - can a flower not fade for years. Yes, she can, says her mother. If the one who tore him and the one to whom he gave him love and think about each other. Now all that remains is to wait for the brothers to come to the village. Their father, Chorbadzhi Petko, is expecting his sons with both women. When the boys arrive, the caveat is to go in without their hats so they don't know who is who.

          First comes a young man with a huge gold bracelet. As she removes it from the sack she is wearing, it falls and breaks - it is clear that the bracelet is fake.

          Second, comes a young man with a large gold bracelet engraved with chicks on it. The young man gives an amber rosary to his father and a silk scarf to aunt Gena. But the youth is cool to Bonka.

          A third enters a boy who rushes in breathlessly towards Bonka and only then remembers to greet his father and mother of the bride. Then he pulls out a small, exquisite bracelet engraved with chicks - "Sing it to you, Bonke!" Says the young man. He apologizes for not bringing any reinforcements for his father and aunt Gena. A year ago, robbers attacked him and stole a much larger gold bracelet for his beloved, a silk scarf for his mother and, and a rosary for his father. Zhelcho, because he is the poor boy, intended to end his life. But the love turned out to be stronger, and he went to work to earn more gold for this humble bracelet. He then removed the still-living flower of Bonka from his bosom, which he used to carry him to a gurbet.

          Well, it's clear - Bonka and Zhelcho got engaged! aunt Gena and Chorbadzhi Petko have a wonderful wedding for them! And this story tells her to this day the grandmother who travels the world and tells such wonderful stories ...