Kiss me, Kate Two-act musical by Cole Porter, based on William Shakespeare's comedy "Тhe Taming of the Shrew"

Conductor - director Tsanislav Petkov

Directed by Alexander Tekeliev

Set design and costumes - Denis Ivanov

Choreography - Zhelka Tabakova

Choir Conductor  - Nevena Mihaylova

Concertmaster - Yordan Kovachev

Remember Directors - Lina Peeva, Peter Tiholov

Prompter - Dora Fortunova



Fred Graham (Petruccio), director, producer, and actor

Lily Vanessa (Catharine), Fred's ex-wife, actress

Lois Lane (Bianca), actress

Bill Calhoun (Lucenzio), Lois, actor

Harry Trevor (Baptista)

Hattie, Lily Vanessa's wardrobe

Paul, Fred Graham's wardrobe clerk

First gangster

Second gangster

Harrison Howell, Senator, Lily Vanessa's suitor

Michael Lemon (Gremio), First Marriage Candidate - In Scenes From "Taming of the Shrew"

Jack Hooper (Hortensio), Second Marriage Candidate - in scenes from "Taming of the Shrew"

Ralph, assistant director




    "Kiss Me, Kate!" (With the original title, "Kiss Me, Kate!") Is a musical written in 1948 by spouses Bella and Samuel Spivak, renowned Hollywood screenwriters and songwriters, music and poems by Cole

Porter, one of the most significant American composers. The unsurpassed liberty of "Kiss Me, Kate!", Which came under the spouse of Spivak's pen, is based on William Shakespeare's comedy "Taming the Shrew". The work has another source of inspiration, however - the epic battle of the stage and beyond, of the cast and, in life, of a husband.

and wife Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine, during the filming of Shrew (1935), witnessed by future Broadway producer Arnold St. Seubert. It is Saint-Subber who is the person who, in 1947, asked Spivakov (surviving his own marital woes at the time) to write the screenplay; they turn to Cole Porter to create the music and the songs. The official Broadway premiere of Kiss Me, Kate! , Where he played for nineteen months before transferring back to Schubert, for a total of 1,077 performances there. The show is directed by John K. Wilson, the choreography is by Hannah Holm, and the original cast includes Alfred Drake (Fred Graham / Petruchio), Patricia Morrison (Lily Vanessa / Katarina), Lisa Kirk

(Lois Lane / Bianca) and Harold Lang (Bill Calhoun / Lucenzio).

      "Kiss Me, Kate!" Is the first musical in which music and lyrics adhere to the story's plot. This is Cole Porter's greatest hit and his only musical to be played more than 1000 times on Broadway. With "Kiss Me, Kate!", The composer marks his creative return and professional triumph - in 1949 Porter won the Tony Award for Musical and Best Text and Music. Work on this performance also brings the writing tandem of spouses Bella and Samuel Spivak to two Toni awards - for Best Musical and Best Libretto, and is remembered forever as their greatest success. All this makes the transformation of "Kiss Me, Kate!" Into an unsurpassed classic in this genre and remains in history as the first musical to win this prestigious award.



    A traveling American theater troupe in the city of Baltimore presents William Shakespeare's comedy Tame the Weasel in the form of a musical. The role of the main character Katarina is played by actress Lily Vanessa. She is the ex-wife of the director, producer and actor Fred Graham, who plays the central male role - the one of Petrucio, the young Veronica, Catherine's fiancé. In the theater, where the show is about to begin, the two occupy adjacent dressing rooms. A beautiful bouquet of roses, sent by Fred to the young and attractive actress Lois Lane (who reprise her role as Bianca, Katarina's sister in Shakespeare's comedy), was mistaken for Lily Vanessa. At first, the diva decides that the beautiful flowers are meant for her, but when she sees the business card accompanying the bouquet, she immediately becomes irresistible. The feud with Fred (Petruccio) that Lily (Katharina) plays on the stage is more believable and impactful than ever, and the audience is absolutely delighted.

    Behind the scenes, Lily and Fred continue to clarify their complicated and confusing relationship, but it's all in vain… Although she secretly asked her new affectionate suitor, influential Washington Senator Harrison Howell to buy the show, at this point Miss Vanessa decides to leave. fail him. Fred Graham, who as director, artist and - most of all - producer of the fate of the show is thrilled, is just beyond despair - to continue without Catharine is simply impossible ... However, an unforeseen event completely changes the course of the action. During the intermission, the breezy and light-hearted Bill Calhoun (appearing in the role of Lucenci