Charlie's Aunt Musical by Oscar Feltzman

Musical by Oscar Feltzman

The play of the same name by Thomas Brandon





Costume Designer - LILY KOSTADINOVA


Concertmaster - JORDAN KOVACHEV

Assistant Director - DARINA GLAVANAKOVA



Frankert Beberley (Bebz), unemployed actor

Jack Chesney, son of Sir Francis

Charlie Wakeman, a student friend of Jack's

Annie, Spetley's niece

Katie Veden, a graduate of Spatley

Donja Lucia, Charlie's rich aunt

Ella Delhi, Donja Lucia's companion

Stevens Spetley, lawyer

Sir Francis Chesney, a retired colonel

Bracelet, Jack Chesney's footman



(by author)

            Popular in the early twentieth century, the English eccentric comedy of actor and playwright Thomas Brandon served as the basis for several musicals and musical comedies in the US and the UK. There are also a series of adaptations. In 1972, the Russian songwriter and several (about a dozen) operettas Oscar Feltsman (born in 1921) created his musical "Hello, I'm Your Aunt!", Known in Bulgaria under the name "Charlie's Aunt."

            The action took place in 1910 in London.

            In fact, the following happens: Unemployed and persecuted by the police, Frankert Beberley, known as Bebz, accidentally falls into the home of the retired colonel, Sir Francis Chesney. They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their wealthy relative, Donja Lucia de Salvadores, from Brazil. Sir Francis hopes to marry her to remedy her critical financial situation. The two students, Jack, son of Colonel Honesty, and Charlie Wakem, hope the holiday will not fail because they have invited their beloved Annie and Kathy, whom they want to marry. But the coveted aunt has not yet arrived - she is slowing down somewhere along the way. Therefore, the two young men beg Bebz to disguise herself as her and introduce herself to Donja Lucia.

            Of course, this is followed by a series of funny and funny situations, at the center of which is the alleged "aunt", stubbornly courted not only by Sir Francis, but also by his friend, lawyer Stevens Spetley, also a candidate for the hand of the wealthy lady from Brazil. The real Donja Lucia, however, arrives, accompanied by her companion Ella Delhi, and the confusion becomes even more unimaginable until it all ends happily - the young receive the coveted blessing from their guardians…