AIDA Four-act opera by Giuseppe Verdi


Four-act opera by Giuseppe Verdi


Conductor: Ivan Kozhuharov

Director: Pavel Gerdzhikov

Artist: Chavdar Chomakov

Choir Conductor: Nevena Mihaylova

Choreography: Hikmet Mehmedov



Pharaoh of Egypt - / bass /

Amneris - his daughter / mezosoprano /

Aida - slave - Ethiopian princess / soprano /

Radames - Egyptian commander / tenor /

Ramfis - High Priest / Bass /

Amonasro - king of Ethiopia, father of Aida / baritone /


    The opera Aida is the most famous work of Giuseppe Verdi. It has long been a myth that it was commissioned to open the Suez Canal - in fact, this is not the case. The libretto is written by four authors and is based on an Egyptian legend deciphered by a papyrus.

   Ever since its premiere in Cairo, Egypt, the opera has reaped tremendous success. A year later, she reiterates her furor in the Rock of Milan.

   The opera takes place in Memphis and Thebes during the feuds of Egypt and Ethiopia. Aida is an Ethiopian princess captured in Egypt. Egypt's military leader, Radames, is in love with her, but his debt condemns him to Pharaoh. Amneris, Pharaoh's daughter, is in love with Radames. His military victory allowed him to beg mercy for the Ethiopians. In return, however, he had to marry Amneris. He still manages to organize the flight of Aida and her compatriots, for this purpose he has to commit treason - to reveal the positions of his own troops. The warlord manages to save Aida from certain death, which condemns him to court. The sentence is to be buried alive in a tomb. Even Amneris's efforts fail to save him. But in the tomb, along with him, is his beloved Aida.