Libretto by Alfred Gruenwald and Fritz Löhner-Beda
Conductor - director - Ivan Kozhuharov
Conductor - Tsanislav Petkov
Stage version and direction by Mario Nikolov
Artist - set designer - Ivan Tokadzhiev
Costume Designer - Tsvetanka Petkova-Stoinova
Choir Conductor  - Nevena Mihaylova
Choreography by Antoaneta Alexieva
Concertmaster - Yordan Kovachev


The Marquis Aristides de Fobla is a rich aristocrat, a Bohemian known in Nice as a lover of nightlife and a connoisseur of beauty. When he decides to end his bachelor's life, his friends are quite surprised, but they understand him because everyone likes the woman he marries, the charming Madeleine. Honeymooners go on a long wedding trip.

Their friends are eagerly awaiting their return and are curious about their experiences while traveling. Everyone gathered to greet them at Aristides' lovely villa. The newlyweds happily talk about their adventures and enjoy their first wedding night at their home.

Suddenly, at the height of the celebration, Aristide receives a telegram that visibly upsets him. Noticing this, Madeleine asks him to show the telegram, or at least the signature, to understand his sudden embarrassment. The telegram is from Nancy Prefect. Madeleine is reassured.

Aristide orders his housekeeper Archibald to call his friend Mustafa Bay - Michelle, an ornithologist. Michel postpones his trip on a business trip and comes as soon as he realizes that Aristide is in urgent need of help. Aristide tells him his problem: Tangolita, an Argentine dancer, singer, and actress with a worldwide career, had an affair with him before he married Madeleine. When she decides to split, Aristides offers everything she wants to leave him alone and end his love affair. She wants one, the only thing, for him to sign a dinner check with her when and where she points. Certainly. To end the relationship, Aristide lightly signs the check.

With the telegram the Marquis received this evening, she invites him to dinner at the Savoie Variety Show in Nice to cash the check. However, he had promised Madeleine to spend the first night together at home. Michelle is thinking of helping Aristide.

At this time Miss Daisy Darlington, a millionaire daughter from Madeleine's cousin of America, arrives. Everyone is surprised by the sudden appearance and Mustafa Bey falls in love with her at first sight. She also likes it.

When the two ladies are left alone, Daisy tells Madeleine why she is in Nice - a long time ago her father wants to marry her to their cousin, the son of a manufacturer, but she doesn't like him at all. He then concludes with his father that if he succeeds in life, he will be able to do whatever he wants and even choose a man on his own. Daisy learns music and dreams of composing. Because she believes that as a woman there is no chance of having to, she chooses a male nickname. He works very hard and succeeds. The composer of the year award will be presented at the Savoy Ball tonight, and the composer will personally conduct his work. The world-famous composer Jose Paso Doble was awarded. In fact, this is Miss Daisy Darlington's nickname. Amazed by the story, Madeleine is genuinely pleased with what her cousin has accomplished. Daisy invites Madeleine to accompany her, but she refuses because she promised her husband to spend the evening with him and keep his word, and he loves him so much!

Mustafa Bey read an announcement in the newspaper that he would conduct the annual award for music, the world-renowned composer Jose Paso Doble, at the Savoy Ball tonight. It offers Aristide a way out of a difficult situation. They will have to go to the Savoy Ball because their old friend Paso Doble has arrived from America. They quickly make up a heartbreaking story, write a telegram - an invitation to Aristide, and give it to Archibald, the housekeeper, to hand it over to the ladies, as if it were Mr. Paso Doble.

They think that Madeleine will not be able to accompany Aristide to the ball since the toilets have not arrived since their trip and she does not have a proper dress, but like every woman is vain and will refuse to go to the ball without a proper toilet.

Men are happy and cheerful to go to the ball.

Both women are numb to Michelle and Aristide's reckless behavior and lies. Madeleine is furious, and Daisy recounts a story of her friend's husband's mistress signing letters to him with the nickname "New York Governor." Madeleine remembers that the telegram to Aristide was signed by Prefect Nancy. Everything is clear. He goes on a date with a woman.

For Daisy, however, there are no obstacles once she does something. She calls the best fashion designer in Nice who arrives at them with a gorgeous Madeleine ball gown.

The issue has been resolved. The two go to a ball in Savoie. Madeleine is wearing a mask and no one can recognize her. She understands everything about Aristides and Tangolita because she sees them and hears their conversation. He decides to rematch. The first one they met. He starts flirting with a lawyer who, like her, turns out to be quite inexperienced in love affairs.

When Mr Paso Doble is due to appear, it is revealed that