THE CHARDAS QUEEN Operetta in three acts by Imre Kalman

Operetta in three acts by Imre Kalman

Libretto by Leo Stein and Bela Jenbach


Conductor-director - Naiden TODOROV


Artist Ivan Savov



Concertmaster - YORDAN KOVACHEV






Prince Leopold von Lippert - Wailersheim

Cecilia, his wife

Edwin, their son

Contessa Stasi, niece of the prince

Earl Boni Kanchianu

Silva Varesku, Variety singer

General Ronsdorf

Ferry Baci, writer

Kish, a notary public

Mouse, waiter



First action

            Tonight in Budapest's Variety Orpheum, actress Silva, called by the audience the Queen of the Chardash, will sing for the last time. She is scheduled to go on a night out in Paris with her friends - writer Ferry Baci and the cheerful and soul of Bonnie. The latter, burning with love for Silva and the girls of the variety show, frantically arranges the trip and the farewell dinner. Too late, Earl Edwin arrives with the firm intention of stopping Silva's departure. He loves her and longs for the two of them to connect their lives. His mother, the princess, is outraged by this outrageous affair and threatens her son with telegrams that he will stop his maintenance. Edwin decided to break up with his family and start a new life with Silva. But Silva, with the clear awareness, that she would hardly fit into the aristocratic man's wife, is too worried about Edwin's future. Therefore, she suppresses her sincere and strong feelings for the young man and urges her to leave.

            Concerned and unable to find a place in the situation thus created, the princess decides to intervene in the relations of the Earl and arrives in Budapest. The show is surrounded by a familiar atmosphere and fond memories - it started from here as a favorite singer of the audience and was also called the Queen of the Chardash. The following are touching meetings with waiter Mishka and Ferry Baci (once madly in love with her). But the present princess (formerly Cecilia, or simply Cilicia), is striving for life and death to stand up to the "conquered" aristocratic peaks, and nothing is able to bring her back. In vain, Edwin introduces her to Silva, the princess and chansonette, the former Queen of the Chardash and the present at the top of her fame have no touching points. And the young Earl decides on a fateful step - he signs a marriage contract with Silva and leaves for his regiment. The young woman is happy, but only for a brief moment - Bonnie shows her an invitation for Edwin's engagement with the contessa Stasi. Silva, afflicted with a grievance, immediately departs for Paris.


Second action

            Prince Leopold's Palace in Vienna. The engagement of Earl Edwin with the Stasi chassis will be officially announced at the ball. The Count sought in vain for a connection with Silva in Paris. His telegrams always return unanswered. His fiancee and waiter Mishka, already on duty at the palace, sympathize with him in vain.

            But here's the ball coming to Ferry Baci - as a father, Bonnie - as Ferry's son, and Silva - as Bonnie's wife. The trick works and the palace environment welcomes them more than welcome. Edwin and Silva meet and their love flares up with renewed vigor. Bonnie, at first sight, falls in love with Stasi and it becomes the fate of his life. But the princess chansonette is vigilant. The danger is inside the palace and through the prince, she announces the engagement of Count Edwin and the contessa Stasi. Unexpectedly, Edvin dismisses the engagement and reaches out to Silva. Everyone is outraged. Affected, Silva shows her marriage contract, breaks it, returns Edwin's freedom and leaves the palace. Ferry Baci and Mishka follow her.


Third action

            Again the variety. Old friends welcome the "Parisian" guests. They invade Cecilia with the prince, looking for their son, who disappeared after the scandal in the palace. Offended by Princess Chansonette's behavior, Ferry and Mouse decide to expose her and help Edwin and Silva. They cleverly tailor her number and the prince hidden in the booth sees the true essence of his wife. Cilika has nothing left but to put up with. Bonnie and Stasi "clarify" their misunderstandings and announce their engagement, provided the same thing happens to Edwin and Silva. The daunting task pays back the inventive Bonnie and, as always, succeeds. Having received a parental blessing, the two couples embark on the marriage journey.