12 june 2023 "One Crazy Day" Of the National Theater Is Visiting The Opera

With a tour by the sea, the summer tour of one of the most colorful and fun performances of the National Theater - "ONE CRAZY DAY" begins. The musical-theatre carnival, directed by the doyen of the troupe, Mihail Petrov, invites all residents and friends of the theater from Burgas to experience unforgettable emotions with the performance, which will be played on June 14 at 7:00 p.m. on the stage of the Burgas Opera House.

Tickets can be purchased at the "Chasovnika" ticket center and in the Grabo networks, and reservations can also be made by calling 0898420537 - Galya Petkova.

This is the first visit of the performance in the seaside city, and the audience will be able to enjoy the inspiring play, songs, and dances of a bunch of stars from our first troupe - Paraskeva Dzhukelova, Julia Bocheva, Plamen Dimov, Stelian Radev, Gergana Zmiycharova, Stefan Kushev, Vasil Draganov, Hristo Cheshmedzhiev, Stoyan Pepelanov, Vladislava Nikolova, Eva Danailova, Yavor Vulkanov, Vyara Tabakova, Hristo Terziev, and Victoria Koleva.

"One Crazy Day" is a performance based on the famous play of Pierre de Beaumarchais "The Marriage of Figaro" and with it in May the 50th anniversary of the stage of the Mikhail Petrov National Theater was celebrated. He himself, now a director, played the role of Figaro in 1984.

This is a unique performance in which theater, music, song, dance, ballet, and painting meet happily. Festive euphoria for the soul and senses. A truly dizzying theatrical carnival! And the carnival is the craziest holiday of the year. Shows with songs and dances, folk entertainments, masquerade balls, masquerade processions, games, and amusements are arranged. People forget their cares, problems, and worries and indulge in pleasures! In this theatrical carnival, not everything is as it seems, but everyone involved in the fun intrigues, misunderstandings, and tricks gets a well-deserved dose of reprimand, laughter, and lots of love. Of course, in order for the theater carnival to be full of splendor, there will also be a palace orchestra on stage, composed of the virtuoso musicians Georges Palikarski, Slav Bistrev, Nikolay Kazakov, and Ivaylo Florov.

The magnificent costumes, with which the actors will whirl on the stage, are the work of the incredible Elena Ivanova, the choreographer is Mariana Kruncheva, and the music teacher is Evgeni Gospodinov.