23 april 2021 "A Cup Of Russian Samovar Tea" In Pomorie

The concert "A cup of tea from a Russian samovar", which two days ago was greeted very warmly in the hall of the Burgas Opera, tonight - with the harmonious emotional beauty of music by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, warmed the souls of Fomorians. The audience at the National Chitalishte "Prosveta - 1888" in the seaside town welcomed soprano-intelligent, with understanding and attitude to the musical art and mastery of composers and performers sopranos Edelina Kaneva, Nona Krastnikova, and pianist Mira Iskarova and their precisely selected program. As Edelina Kaneva shared, even as a student she copied the musical texts of Russian romances in order to study and sing them, so great is her love for this music.
And again there was samovar tea and sweets for the guests of the musical evening.
Both the audience and the artists had the taste of a quality empathy.
For the encore, the three singers presented the audience with a popular Russian romance, which raised the audience to their feet.

Here is a commentary on the concert of Yordanka Tudjarova, a longtime solfeggio teacher at the Music School in Burgas and an exceptional choir conductor of the Blagovestie Ladies' Choir:

"Thanks for the concert. It was a balm for my soul. The smile was on my face all the time. Edelina, Nona, Mira were a great team! I share them only with the first names, I hope they are not affected, but I felt them so close ... I thank them and ... I envy them a little for making real art available to the people who need it - tete a tete. "



Photos: State Opera - Burgas