04 december 2023 "Max And Moritz" Once Again Cheered Up Hundreds Of Students

On the cold, rainy forenoon of December 4, hundreds of students from Burgas schools: "Yordan Yovkov" Secondary School, "Dobri Chintulov" Secondary School and "A.G. Kojakafaliyata" Primary School were warmed by sincere smiles and a playful mood with Max and Moritz's whites in the children's musical performance to the music of Alexander Yosifov, named after the two notorious vagabonds, characters from Wilhelm Busch's book.
The attention of the children's audience was engaged throughout, and the artists managed to present the cheerful story in an attractive way that brought not only laughter but also a lesson for the teenagers.
One cannot fail to mention the good behavior of the students in the halls of the Opera - such as being a cultural event, thus building criteria, taste, and ethical norms. They followed with interest what was happening on the stage, reacting to the funny moments completely childishly, spontaneously, or warning the characters about a new threat from the two bullies Max and Moritz.
At the end of the show, all the students, arranged by class, wanted to take a picture with the artists, to the question: "Did you like it, children?", they answered en masse: "Yes!" and promised to come again to performances of the Burgas Opera.