12 december 2022 "The Oscars In Music" With A Warm Reception In Provadia

While in the foyer of the Burgas State Opera the concert CANZONETTI AND OPERA GEARS was a success, a parallel event in the Opera's rich festive program also delighted a large audience in the "Aleko Konstantinov 1884" People's Community Center - Provadia - with a concert by Militsa Gladnishka and Philip Avramov with the orchestra of the Burgas Opera House in Provadia.
The residents of Provadia know and always warmly welcome the musicians and artists of the Burgas Opera.
Tonight they had the chance to relive the magnificent concert performance "The Oscars in Music". Those present in the beautiful function hall of the community center warmly welcomed the beloved actors Militsa Gladnishka and Filip Avramov, together with the orchestra of the Burgas Opera.
under the baton of maestro Levon Manukyan.
In addition to artistic skills, the two charismatic soloists also showed magnificent singing qualities.
The intriguing script and multimedia of the "Oscars in Music" are the work of Julia Manukian.
The special project with a long stage life is distinguished by artistry, the personal charm of the soloists, and a program selected with taste and flair.
The musical themes performed were accompanied by an on-screen visual featuring still from the respective films.
The wonderful orchestrations of Levon Manukyan, the professional sound of the orchestra - everything that is needed for a quality concert event were present at the "Oscars in Music" this evening in Provadia.
The program, which featured beautiful melodies from film music, included musical themes from: "Beauty and the Beast", "The Wizard of Oz", "Jaws", "Tarzan", "James Bond", "Aladdin", "Armageddon", "Rocky", "Doctor Zhivago", "The Godfather", "The Lord of the Rings", "Schindler's List", "Flashdance", "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "La La Land" and others.
In addition to the two popular soloists, the magnificent ones also deserved sincere admiration: maestro Levon Manukyan, concertmaster Hristo Belchev, Daria Krasteva - on piano, Roman Melnikov - on percussion, as well as all the brilliant orchestra players.
Of course, the audience demanded and deserved an encore.

Organizer and photos: Diana Berkacheva