23 april 2020 "Little Sufferers" Will Entertain Children On Sunday The online broadcast of the musical for children by Alexander Yosifov will be on April 26, from 11.00 a.m.

State Opera - Burgas has prepared a new pleasant surprise for its youngest viewers - on Sunday, 26.04.2020, at 11.00 a.m, on the Facebook page of Burgas Opera:  https://www.facebook.com/OperaBurgas/, аnd in You Tube https://youtu.be/uYLV1ruPbzo /for 24 hours/

will be the online broadcasting of the musical for children by Alexander Yosifov "Patilantsi" /"Little Sufferers"/.

Libretto: Bancho Banov

Conductor: Jordan Dafov

Director: Darina Glavakova - Bakardzhieva

Set design: Ivan Tokadziev

Dancing: Galina Kalcheva



Baba Tsotsolana - Nevena Mihaylova

Aunt Stanislav - Lina Peeva

Uncle Gogo - Diman Panchev

Uncle Strati - Alexander Perperiev

Patilancho - Branimir Nedkov

Aunt Dana - Vesela Apostolova

Ghana - Radostina Kranteva

Dancho - Milen Dinolov

Gancho - Miroslav Dimitrov

Artists from the ballet of the State Opera - Burgas take part in the musical.


A story about toddlers, crutches, dogs, and grandmother Tsotsolana, with which we will laugh with heart!

The youngest viewers will relive the hilarious stories of Baba Tsotsolana, Patilancho, and the Patilan troupe - Ghana, Dana, Gancho, and Dancho, complete with the clever dog that finds everything lost and hidden in the wake of Tiger. The entertaining mischievous stories that we, the adults, have grown up with, which excite and entertain even modern children, alternate, along with the fun actions of the characters, who, along with the Tiger dog - yes, have a real dog on stage! - create a happy bustle with a happy ending. In the adventures of Patilancho and his Patilan retinue, Uncle Gogo, who strives to help, causes even more confusion. Patilancho has to pretend to be ill, to stay with his grandmother, and to redeem the whites he did with the help of his loyal friends. At the finale, the smart dog Tiger is a hero - he finds Baba Tsotsolana's lost bag, with all her pension in it. Thus, Tiger gets the right to stay home, and Baba Tsotsolana is proclaimed a full member of the Patilchanese squad. And from Baba Tsotsolana she "retrains" into Baba Patilana!

The conductor-director of the merry children's spectacle is Jordan Dafov, the direction is Darina Glavanakova-Bakardzhieva, the set design is by Ivan Tokadzhiev, the dances are the work of Galina Kalcheva, the assistant directors are Lina Peeva and Peter Tiholov.

The children's audience, as well as their relatives who watch with them, entertain: Nevena Mihaylova - as Baba Tsotsolana, proclaimed Baba Patilana, Lina Peeva - in the role of Aunt Stanislav, Diman Panchev - as Uncle Gogo, Uncle Strati - Alexander Perperiev, Patilachno - Branimir Nedkov, Vesela Apostolova - Dana, Maria Dobreva - Ghana, Milen Dinolov - Dancho, Miroslav Dimitrov - Gancho. Artists from the ballet of the State Opera - Burgas also take part in the musical.

Summary: Once upon a time a grandmother lived - of course, Tsotsolana, and her grandson Patilancho. Only problems were created by this grandmother of his grandson and his faithful Little Sufferers' team - Ghana, Dana, Gancho and Dancho, and a small and very cute puppy named Tiger. The little rascals messed them up so much that they even left Grandma Tsotsolana without festive handwriting for her sixtieth birthday! The good news is that Grandma Tsotsolana has friends too, but still, the holiday has not turned into a nightmare - her Uncle Gogo the hairdresser will tidy her up with a holiday hairstyle, her aunt Stanislav will prepare her cake on four floors, her Uncle Strati will arrive with all her good mood and herbs from the mountain!

 Okay, but sometimes the big ones can't fix the white Patilans! Patilancho and his wife are so involved in the role of helpers to the good uncle Gogo that they cut Grandma Tsotsolana in a way that she does not like ... After that, Patilancho will go home right now! Unless he gets sick and stays with his grandmother - said-done! But Patilancho has some good experiences with his grandmother. Like the one time, a thief allegedly goes home and steals Grandma Tsotsolana's money bag. The toddler and his loyal Tiger dog find the bag that fell behind the couch, with the grandmother's retirement inside. How about not letting such a good dog stay at home! And for her good heart, Grandma Tsotsolana was proclaimed a member of the Patilana squad and dearly named Grandma Patilana!