21 july 2020 "Pinocchio" Was Geeted Again With Applause From Children

The children's opera "Pinocchio" by Alexander Yosifov once again made the children present at the Summer Theater on Monday night / July 20 /, and their parents, remember one of the most beloved children's tales of Carlo Colodi - the magical inspiration of a life on a short tree, turned into a small obedient man who goes through hardships, through which he learns irreplaceable life lessons.
The stage magic happened yesterday and will happen again and again - while there are children, there will be a need for such fairy-tale characters to lead the souls of the little ones to the Good ...
As usual - a brilliant performance of all those who created the fabulous reality of the stage, which gave a magical glow to the stunning sets and costumes, the work of the director Denis Ivanov.

The fairy-tale sets, which catch the eye at every performance and evoke spontaneous exclamations of admiration in both young and old, and this time helped the plot to unfold in an optimal way, predisposing the actors to invest the best of their creative role in the dynamic stage action.

With a mood, a palpable love in the construction of the characters, turning the game on stage into a pleasure, all the participants presented themselves: Branimir Nedkov, in the role of the stubborn and irresponsible Pinocchio, who, however, goes through his difficult path of awareness and eventually speaks his good heart; Malvina / The fairy with the blue hair, who makes wishes come true and teaches in an unobtrusive and gentle way the children to turn to the good part of their essence and to bet on it / - performed by Stefka Hristozova; Gepetto, who is patient, wise and loving - Peter Tiholov; The Fox the Robber cunning, impudent, intriguing and enjoying the defeats she created, in tandem with the Cat The Robber - Lina Peeva, Тhe Cat himself, who created a bunch of mischievous deeds - Miroslav Dimitrov; the fearsome, respectful and fair Justice Uncle Monti was Diman Panchev, Harlequin, at the same time sad and happy - Milen Dinolov, the enchantress Pulcinella - Vessela Apostolova, Ivan Grozev was the Carabinieri, Alexander Perperiev - Bartender, Vesselin Spasov entered the roles of Judge and the Doctor.

The orchestral accompaniment was recorded under the baton of Tsanislav Petkov.

"Pinocchio" was the fourth event of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2020, organized by the State Opera - Burgas and the Municipality of Burgas. At the end of the performance, the traditional flower basket was presented on behalf of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.