20 may 2022 The Audience In Sliven On Its Feet After "La Bayadere"

Tonight the ballet troupe of the Burgas State Opera proved its high class again - with a visit to the stage of the Drama Theater "Stefan Kirov" - Sliven with the ballet classics "La Bayadere", directed and directed - Vesa Tonova.

The two magnificent guest soloists - the prima ballerina of the State Opera Stara Zagora - Anelia Dimitrova and Haruka Suga - a soloist of the Stara Zagora Opera, were impeccable in the interpretations of Nikia and Gamzati. The premier ballet dancer of the Burgas Opera Daniel Tichkov was a worthy partner of the two graces, recreating the dramatic image of the warrior Solor, for whose heart the two beauties are fighting.

Brilliant, stable and conveying the emotional charge of the dramatic plot of "Bayaderka" were all the soloists and artists of the ballet ensemble.
Congratulations to the whole troupe for her performance at the play "La Bayadere" tonight in Sliven! Anelia Dimitrova was impressive in the role of Nikia, Haruka Suga was exotic Gamzati, Daniel Trichkov - magnetic Solor, Teodor Tsakov - great in their roles: Wonderful in their roles! Yana Berduta, Natalie Ivanova, Raya Chakarova, Sabina Koseva, Kiril Filipov, Stoyan Fartunov, congratulations for the Trio of Shadows - Natalie Ivanova, Yana Berduta, Raya Chakarova - wonderful! Thanks to the creative team and technical services for the successful presentation of the ballet opera - Burgas on the stage in Sliven! ", said excitedly after the successful performance Galina Kalcheva, assistant director of "La Bayadere" and tutor of the ballet troupe.
"A wonderful show filled with a lot of emotions and ten minutes of unceasing applause. I am impressed by the performance of Anelia Dimitrova in the role of Nikia," said Petar Tiholov, assistant director of the production, about the exciting experience on the Sliven stage.
"Very, very good performance, applause after each solo performance. The audience applauded everyone for a long time at the end of the show," said Diana Barkacheva, organizer at the Burgas Opera.

May 20, 2022, 19.00, Drama Theater "Stefan Kirov" - Sliven


Directed and directed by Vesa TONOVA
Scenography - Ivan TOKADZHIEV
Costume designer - Tsvetanka PETKOVA-STOYNOVA
Assistant choreographer - Galina KALCHEVA 
Assistant director - Petar TIHOLOV

He is a guest in the role of Nikia
ANELIYA DIMITROVA - prima ballerina of the State Opera - Stara Zagora
He plays the role of Gamzati
HARUKA SUGA - soloist of the State Opera - Stara Zagora
In the role of Solor - Daniel TICHKOV
Magdava - Theodore Tsakov 
The Great Brahmin - Svetlan Nikolov
Dugmanta - Raja - Daniel DIMITROV
Golden god - Theodore TSAKOV
Hindu dance - Iva OVCHAROVA, Teodor TsAKOV, Stefan Tipikov
Pas D'action - Yana BERDUTA, Natali IVANOVA , Sabina KOSEVA, Raya CHAKAROVA
Trio of shadows: Natalie IVANOVA, Yana BERDUTA, Raya CHAKAROVA
Assistant - Sofia LOVDZHIEVA 
Soloists and ensemble of the ballet of the State Opera - Burgas

Photos: Diana Barkacheva and personal archive