07 august 2020 The Broadway Musical "Kiss Me, Kate!" Back On Stage

After the brilliant premiere of the Broadway musical "Kiss Me, Kate!" - at the closing of last year's Burgas Music Festival - on September 4, 2019, the musical by Cole Porter will be played again in Burgas - on Tuesday, August 11, from 20.30, in th Open-Air Theatre. The music project is already gaining its mature look, carrying the accumulated charge from the creative upgrade. The whole cast of the Burgas Opera takes part in it, and each role, regardless of whether it is main or secondary, is intertwined - ideologically, situationally, as directorial decisions and emotional messages, in the overall finished look of the production. "Kiss me, Kate!" Had successful performances after the premiere - at the Opera Hall - Burgas, in October 2019, as well as in Gorna Oryahovitsa and Plovdiv, and the apogee was the full hall at the National Theater "Ivan Vazov" - on November 19, 2019, when the audience sent the artists to their feet. Just a day before the performance was staged again at the Opera Hall - on March 10, 2020, due to the global pandemic, all stage events were canceled and in August the large-scale project was given the opportunity for stage rehabilitation.
The musical is based on music by the American composer Cole Porter and is based on Shakespeare's comedy "Taming the Shrew". The title is placed on the Bulgarian stage for the first time - with officially purchased copyrights. "Kiss Me, Kate!" Features a charging musical score based on the best American traditions in the field of musical, which is emblematic of the culture of the "New Continent". In addition to the wonderful music, some of the motifs of which have long-lived their own lives in the artistic space, "Kiss me, Kate!" Carries the teasing of the stage reception "theater in theater", where two storylines intertwine dynamically and meaningfully argued to lead the viewer to a parallel denouement and the desired happy end. The original reference to Shakespeare's messages, updated through the musical means of American music from the middle of the twentieth century, achieves a complex effect of an innovative artistic combination of libretto, music, and construction of stage images - as a hologram of the author's idea and directing techniques. At the end of the entertaining plot, filled with many artistic outbursts, large-scale spectacular scenes involving soloists, choir and ballet, the "stubborn" - completely according to Shakespeare's canons, is tamed. And the audience is not only teased through the entertaining twists in the script and artistic surprises but also thrown an intellectual glove - not only satisfaction after the overall visual presentation of the musical but also a stimulus to reflection - on universal themes and moral and aesthetic categories.
The overall look of the attractive production "Kiss Me, Kate!" Is united by the direction of Alexander Tekeliev - adhering to the parameters of the classical musical, but with the added value of the original author's handwriting with avant-garde flavor. The scenography, impressive with its innovative vision and intellectual handwriting, belongs to Denis Ivanov, who is also the conceptual creator of the attractive costumes, characterized by a romantic nuance, invested in precise workmanship, taste for detail, and tangible perfectionism. Choreography, completely impressive for the director's and scenographic decisions, is by Zhelka Tabakova. Assistant directors are Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov, who the audience will see on stage - in the images of Hetty and Senator Howell. The conductor of the choir, which is a full participant in the dynamic and lavish stage performance, is Nevena Mihaylova, concertmaster - Yordan Kovachev. Behind the conductor's desk will be Tsanislav Petkov. Only 30 years old, he manages to feel and embody in musical language the philosophical and aesthetic messages of the production, the classic invigorating American musical is set.
The plot of "Kiss Me, Kate!" Intertwines two main lines - one, telling the eternal instructive story of "Taming the Shrew", in which the action takes place in the time of Shakespeare, and the other - in the middle of the last, XX century. The film star with a stubborn character Lily Vanessi / Katerina - in the plotline of "Taming the Shrew", will be the soprano Edelina Kaneva. She will perform in a brilliant stage tandem with tenor Marcho Apostolov - as Fred Graham / Petruchio. Both guest artists are soloists of the National Musical Theater "Stefan Makedonski". Nona Krasnikova, soprano, will play the wayward flirt, Lois Lane / Bianca. Branimir Nedkov, gifted with diverse talents, will play the role of Bill Colhoun / Lucenzio and will show not only singing but also surprising ballet skills. In the image of the attractive Harry Trevor / Baptist/father of the "stubborn" Katerina / will be presented the bass Delyan Slavov, the wardrobe of the star Lina Vanessa - Hetty will be Lina Peeva, in the role of Paul, who has prepared an artistic surprise for the audience - Yordan Hristozov. The funny roles with a criminal-parody taste of the First and Second gangsters, will bring a lot of mood on the stage.


About the work:

"Kiss me, Kate!" is the first musical in which the music and lyrics closely adhere to the plot of the plot, and the libretto is based on Shakespeare's masterpiece "Taming the Shrew". It is Cole Porter's most popular work and his only musical to be played more than 1,000 times on Broadway. With "Kiss Me, Kate!" the composer marked his creative return and professional triumph - in 1949 Porter won the Tony Award for musical and best text and music. The work on this performance also brings to the writing tandem of the spouses Bella and Samuel Spivak, who created the libretto - two Tony Awards - for best musical and for the best libretto. All this determines the transformation of "Kiss Me, Kate!" in the unsurpassed classics in this genre and his remaining in history as the first musical to win this prestigious award.

For the soloists and the conductor:

Edelina Kaneva was born in Sofia and is a graduate of the Pancho Vladigerov State Academy of Music. The singer makes her debut on the stage of the Burgas State Opera. The following are 3 seasons in which she is engaged in the opera in Leipzig. Since 1996 she has been the premier soloist at the Stefan Makedonski National Theater. Her repertoire includes the central parts in the operas "Troubadour", "Tosca", "The Wedding of Figaro", "Don Juan", the operettas "The Bat", "Gypsy Baron", "Countess Maritsa", "The Land of Smiles", "The Queen of Chardasha "," The Great Unknown ", the musicals" Cats "," Some Prefer It Hot "," West Side Story "," The Wolf and the Seven Goats ". He is a guest soloist of symphony orchestras with an oratorio repertoire. There are recordings for National Radio and the National Television.
Edelina Kaneva is a music producer of a series of Christmas concerts for BNT and BNT 2, initiator and participant of projects in jazz and pop music. She worked on the project of the French Ministry of Culture "K and the Road to the Castle" - a contemporary opera by Carol Beffa, based on the novel by F. Kafka.
Since 2012 he has been a lecturer at NMU "Lyubomir Pipkov", majoring in pop and jazz singing, and since 2017 a music director at Alexandra Audio.
She has toured successfully in Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Israel, and many others. From 2000 to 2010 he was a regular guest soloist at the Teatro Lirico D ’Europa and the Mozart Festival Opera in the United States. She has participated many times in the festivals Apollonia, Sofia Music Weeks, Salon of Arts, Varna Summer, and festivals in Greece, Israel, and Germany.
In 2018 Edelina Kaneva is part of the extremely successful project of Sofia Opera and Ballet, "Mamma Mia" directed by Plamen Kartalov, in which she plays the lead role of Donna Sheridan.

Marcho Apostolov was born in the city of Varna in 1970. He graduated from the 4th Language High School "Frederic Joliot-Curie" - Varna and continued his education at the High School of Music "Dobri Hristov" - Varna. A graduate of the State Academy of Music "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov "- Sofia, Marcho Apostolov made his professional debut in 1994 in the title parts of the operas" Orpheus "by Claudio Monteverdi and" Abu Hassan "by Carl Maria von Weber.
Since 1998, as a soloist of the State Musical Theater "Stefan Makedonski" - Sofia, he performs central heroic and characteristic characters in both classical operettas and musical titles from the theater's repertoire.
He has performed as a soloist with the Sofia, Plovdiv, Sliven and Vratsa Philharmonic Orchestras. Since 2001 he has been invited to representative performances of the National Opera and Ballet - Sofia, as well as to the Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse, and Burgas operas. As a soloist of the State Musical Theater and the National Opera, he participates in many festivals and international events. He has also participated in independent music projects of various creative groups in and outside Bulgaria. Recordings have been made for the National Radio, the National Television, as well as for the company GEGA New.

Nona Krastnikova graduated in opera singing with Prof. Mila Dyulgerova at the Pancho Vladigerov National Music Academy and has been working with her as a vocal pedagogue. She has specialized as a fellow in Modena, Italy, with Raina Kabaivanska and in the opera studio in Graz, Austria. She has participated in masterclasses by Ana Tomova Sintova (2011, 2014, 2015), Kiri te Kanava and Federica von Stade (2008), for a German song with Prof. Hartmut Noll and others. He won third prize at the Mirabent I Magrans International Competition (2014, Sitges, Barcelona); at the International Competition for Young Opera Singers "Boris Hristov" the same year, Grand Prix of the "Crown of Tarnovo" and third prize at the International Competition for Song Duos "Alza Respighi" Verona, Italy.
Nona Krastnikova is a full-time soloist at the Burgas Opera, where she has over ten main roles such as Mimi from the opera "Bohemia", Tosca and Madame Butterfly from the operas of the same name by Giacomo Puccini, Amelia from "Masked Ball" by Giuseppe Verdi, the Countess in "The Wedding of Figaro, Donna Elvira in "Don Juan" and Fjordiligi in "So Do All" by VA Mozart, Micaela in "Carmen" by Georges Bizet, etc. Since 2011 he has formed a duo "Collage" with pianist Maria Ruseva. In October 2015, the duo "Collage" won third prize at the competition for song duos "Elsa Respighi" in Verona, Italy.

Branimir Nedkov, baritone, was born on June 17, 1991 in the city of Burgas. In 2010 he graduated from NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov "- Burgas with a degree in" classical singing ". In 2014 he graduated from the NMA "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Sofia, majoring in“ classical singing ”in the class of Prof. Ilka Popova. Since 2019 he has been working at the State Opera - Burgas as an artist - soloist. His repertoire includes Papageno from the opera "The Magic Flute" - WA Mozart, Mazetto from the opera "Don Juan" - WA Mozart, Duncairo from the opera "Carmen" - Georges Bizet, Bill Colhoun from the musical "Kiss Me, Kate "- Cole Porter, Papakoda from the operetta" One Night in Venice "- Johann Strauss, Joseph from the operetta" Viennese Blood "- Johann Strauss, Jack from the musical" Charlie's Aunt "- Oscar Feltsman, The Red Cat from the children's opera" A " in the Wonderland ”- Alexander Yosifov, Patilancho from“ Patilantsi ”- Alexander Yosifov, Belcho, Chernyo, Pastryo and Zhelcho from the musical comedy“ The Four Twins ”- Georgi Kostov, Ivan from“ Bulgarians of Old Times ”- Asen Karastoyanov.

Tsanislav Petkov - conductor
Pianist, graduated with a master's degree in opera and symphony conducting at the National Music Academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Sofia in the class of Prof. Plamen Djurov. Tsanislav Petkov is only 30 years old, but he has an enviable career as a conductor.
He has conducted many projects as a student, and his debut was as a conductor of the Academic Symphony Orchestra. He was the conductor of the orchestra of the National Musical Theater "Stefan Makedonski" - Sofia.
In parallel with his work at the State Opera - Burgas he is the chief conductor of the Chamber Orchestra - Haskovo