05 december 2023 Christmas Spirit In December With "The Nutcracker"

At the end of the eventful year 2023 for the Burgas State Opera, with successful performances - including ballet performances, with an extremely successful tour in various cities in Bulgaria with "Swan Lake", the traditional holiday performances of "The Nutcracker" with music by P I. Tchaikovsky, production and direction - Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov, revival - Galina Kalcheva - on December 9, Saturday, at 4 p.m., and on December 19, Tuesday, at 7 p.m. - in the hall of the Burgas Opera House.

The ballet extravaganza is based on the popular fairy tale story of E.T. Hoffman. Through the means of the fine art of dance, in the most performed ballet during the Christmas holidays, the dancers of the ballet company will retell the story of Masha, her adventures in the magical world of dreams, and the fairy-tale metamorphosis that turned the Nutcracker into a prince, with whom they experience wonderful adventures in a delusional reality.

In addition to the soloists and the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas, the stage extravaganza in the two performances in the Opera hall will also include graduates from the ballet classes of NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Burgas and Children's Ballet Theater "Kapka". All artists will present the magical spectacle with flair, finesse, and professionalism. The lavish scenography, held in a fairy-tale Christmas style, as well as the exquisite costumes, were created by the artist Radostin Chomakov, refined to the last detail, and held in the single conceptual line of the production, the sets and the original layout of the stage are also stunning, ensured perfectly technically - through the lighting and special effects.

The tutor of the ballet troupe is Marina Zmeeva-Markova, and the assistant director is Petar Tiholov.

The remarkable production of the iconic ballet, which is traditionally performed at Christmas, is the work of Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov and combines the best of the generally accepted look for a festive performance with the distinguished choreographer and director's perfectionism - in terms of details, implicit messages, giving an emotional filling to the constructed images. It is no accident that the production of The Nutcracker has enjoyed long-standing success on the stage, as it is an emanation of the best of the classical school, adding softness, finesse, and taste to every single detail through which the exquisite overall vision is built. The magic of the performance of Tchaikovsky's immortal music will once again captivate the expected large audience - with artistic scope, captivating vision, and performance mastery. One of the most beautiful productions of the Burgas Opera has the high class, aesthetic perfection, and recognizable author's handwriting of Prof. Mehmedov.

On December 8, the ballet "The Nutcracker" will be presented in the Opera Hall in front of hundreds of students from Burgas secondary schools. On December 13, the ballet troupe will visit the city of Haskovo, and on December 22 there will be a performance in the "Artium" hall in the city of Nessebar.

The beautiful story of Masha and the Nutcracker, which turned into the girl's wonderful dream in Prince, will be recreated by the soloists of the ballet troupe Daniela Turtumanova-Stoyanova and Teodor Tsakov/at the performances on December 9 at 4 p.m. and on December 19 at 7 p.m. in the Opera hall, as well as on December 22 – in Nessebar. At the performances on December 8 at 2 p.m. in the Opera House and on December 13 in Haskovo, the main roles will be played by: ballet soloist Yana Berduta and premier ballet dancer Daniel Tichkov.

The remaining roles will be performed by the same artists in all five-holiday performances. Gergana Georgieva will play the role of the Black Queen. Kiril Filipov will play Drosselmeyer, and Kalina Nedelcheva will play the role of Fritz. Ilina Konstantinova and Rafaela-Maria Kül will dance as Masha's friends. Anelia Ivanova will play the role of Masha's mother.

The attractive ensembles include Spanish dance by Laya Ramon and Stoyan Furtunov; Hindu dance – by Alexandrina Arabska, Gergana Kozareva, and Kiril Filipov; Chinese Dance - by Nanako Sato and Francesco Pio Russo; Russian dance - by Ivana Fialkovska, Maria Gabarova, Mila Vasileva, Kircho Zhelyazkov.

Graceful "Snowflakes" woven into the entire festive extravaganza on stage, and participants in the graceful "Pink Waltz" will be the artists from the ensemble of the ballet troupe of the State Opera - Burgas.

It is expected that at the festive performances on the stage of the Burgas Opera, as well as during the touring performances - in Haskovo and Nessebar, an elegant combination of finesse, a masterful recreation of the famous fairy tale plot - a smooth overflow of the episodes, united by the ideological thread of the director's an idea, realized skillfully and with scale.

On the eve of the bright holiday, the magical "steps" of fine art will seem to outline the scene in the Opera before Christmas - heralding good Christmas days for the entire artistic staff, as well as for the visitors of the ballet extravaganza.