15 august 2021 Classy Concert of Mariana Popova At The Summer Theater The pop diva presented her new album "Truth" for the first time in Burgas

On Saturday night / August 14 / those present at the Summer Theater witnessed a class event - the presentation for the first time to the public of Mariana Popova's new album "Truth", which collected new songs, as well as the best she has performed in recent years. . The pop diva herself did not hide her excitement at the fact that for the first time she sang with a symphony orchestra, and the feeling of an extremely high level of performance and empathy was palpable - both for the orchestra, which was dedicated to the musical mystery tonight, and for the audience - undoubtedly intelligent, understanding and empathetic with the messages that were comprehensively conveyed - through beautiful exciting melodies, the stylish presence of one of the most beautiful and talented singers on the home stage, appropriate visual effects, and multimedia - selected with fine sense and culture of perception.
Every detail, every movement, the selection of songs and instrumental performances, as well as the synchronicity between the individual components, was present. The audience felt and appreciated him. Not the slightest element of incompleteness and intricacy of details and overall concept, on the contrary - you get what is always sought, but not always achieved effect - balance, level, style, lack of any compromises. And as a final aesthetic result - sincere and exciting communication with the audience.
As always, the musicians from the orchestra of the Burgas Opera were wonderful, with concertmaster Vanya Zlateva - precise, with beautiful dynamics, dedicated to the cause of creating quality art. Mariana Popova has repeatedly noted her admiration for the level of musicians. Admiration for the youngest chief conductor in Bulgaria - Dimitar Kosev, who, in addition to being behind the counter, was also behind the piano tonight - his acoustic sound brought an incomparable taste of sophistication and finesse. An indisputable musical-aesthetic element of the overall concert performance was the charismatic presence of the violinist Chavdar Valkov, who at the end of June was also on the Burgas stage - with the concert "Violin in Cinema", including film music, under the baton of Yordan Dafov.
And, of course, there was a surprise - Veselin Plachkov, the partner in Mariana Popova's life, appeared on the stage, the two performed the song with which they recently appeared at the "Burgas and the Sea" competition. Young, beautiful, talented, loving - the audience applauds the two performers, connected with the invisible but tangible thread of love!
Mariana Popova performed not only her own songs, including the song Let Me Cry, with which she represented Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, but also favorite compositions from the world's musical treasury - a song by Adele and the eternal and irreplaceable ABBA / The Winner Takes It All /. With orchestral accompaniment and piano accompaniment, the two compositions, in a different but exciting arrangement, sounded incredibly impressive.
Mariana Popova proved that she has the class of a great singer - not only with vocal qualities, indisputable, but also with an intelligent presence, personal charm, and style of communication with the audience.
The concert "Truth" was part of the program of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2021, realized by the State Opera - Burgas and the Municipality of Burgas, and at the end of the exquisite musical evening was presented the traditional basket of flowers on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov and the beloved Burgas singer Toni Dimitrova.
The audience applauded for a long time the performers who created the musical-aesthetic pearl tonight - the most spontaneous and sincere attestation that art has reached them and touched them.