28 february 2020 A Combination Of Grace, Emotion, Artistry In The Dance Gala

Magnificence, combining exquisite movements, in sync with beautiful music, creating an exhilarating experience - an extravaganza and a burst of emotion - was the Thursday night Gala at the Opera House.
The audience touched - through the messages of ballet art, to the exquisite beauty of the created by Marta Petkova, a prima ballerina of the Sofia Opera and Ballet, who toured the world, her not less famous partner Emil Yordanov, premier soloist of the State Opera - Burgas, Burgas soloists and ensemble of the Burgas Opera, the incredible dancers from Dune and KST "Burgas 1975", the whirlwind acrobats from the Club of Sports Acrobatics "Neftohimik 2011".

The rich two-hour program included variations and ensembles of famous ballet works, and Marta Petkova and Emil Yordanov, along with the other participants in the Dance Gala: Ivanina Ivanova, Adriana-Maria Manassieva, Polina Ivanova, Daniel Tichkov, Yana Berduta, Yanela Turtumanova Ovcharova, Anelia Ivanova, Teodor Tsakov, Ognyan Ivanov, Stefan Tipikov, Marian Yankov, Iva Ovcharova, Patricia Soares, Elena Georgieva, Natalie Ivanova, Maria Gabrova have created an exciting series of contact with art. Emotions varied - from rapturous-festive to nostalgic-thoughtful, and the audience was complicit in experiencing the stage incarnations - feeling the nuances of the feelings conveyed by the artists. Stylish set design and multimedia with changing colors, in harmony with the emotional coloring of the respective performance, as well as magnificent costumes and overall vision of the ballet dancers, contributed to this beautiful interaction.

The conceptual creator of the Dance Gala - Galina Kalcheva, a long-time primal ballerina of the Burgas Opera and a tutor of the ballet ensemble, conceived the program in such a way that the classical ballet dances alternated with the attractive and philosophical messages performed by the Dune School of Dance, Dune School. artistic director Petya Stoykova, as well as the elegant and emotional presence on the stage of racing couples from the Burgas 1975 Dance Club, as well as the swirling stage presence of the acrobats from the Sport Club of Petrochemical 2011 acrobatics, who were amazed at the extra dynamics of performing complex numbers that required brilliant conditioning and synchronicity.
A high-end experience, a high degree of emotion, high demands and excellence - this is the summary of today's Dance Gala.

Beautiful, influential, touching, stylish, charming and radiant class were Marta Petkova and Emil Yordanov, who lifted the Burgas audience to their feet, which, even in the flu, almost filled the Opera Hall almost to the extreme. They performed Adagio and Code from the Don Quixote Ballet by music by Ludwig Minkus, choreography by Petipa.

Remarkable for its ethereal beauty, radiance, youth and grace was also the soloist of the State Opera - Burgas Ivanina Ivanova, who presented herself with Variations of Odily from the Third Act of the ballet "Swan Lake" by music by PI Tchaikovsky, Variations of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty Ballet, music by Tchaikovsky, as well as Nikki's Variation from Bayadera Ballet by Ludwig Minkus. Polina Ivanova, who performed Pa de Deux from the Esmeralda Ballet, music by Caesar Pune, together with Daniel Tichkov, also brilliant and extremely artistic, was brilliant, radiant stability, conscious power, and femininity. A lot of mood, subtlety and dynamics brought to the stage Adriana-Maria Manassieva and Ognian Ivanov with "Neapolitan Dance" from the ballet "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky, choreography - Petipa, production - by Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov. Magical nuances at the Dance Gala were introduced by Yana Berduta and Theodor Tzakov - with Adagio of Princess Florina and the Blue Bird of the Sleeping Beauty ballet by music by PI Tchaikovsky, choreography by Petipa.

An emotion swirling in Hungarian dance from the Swan Lake ballet was presented by Natalie Ivanova, Iva Ovcharova, Stefan Tipikov and Ognyan Ivanov. Pa de Trois from Adolph Adam's Ballet Corsair performed brilliantly by Daniela Turtumanova, Adriana-Maria Manassieva, and Yana Ovcharova.

An up-to-date look that combined the beauty of classical ballet art and an innovative approach to the use of expressive means was the dance impression "Step to Life", music by Ludovico Einaudi - Fly, choreography by Dimitri Vassileva, presented by Yana Berduta and Theodor Tsakov.

The brilliant code of the dance evening was the performance of Daniel Tichkov, Adriana-Maria Manasieva, Polina Ivanova, Yana Berduta, Daniela Turtumanova, Yana Ovcharova, Teodor Tsakov, Marian Yankov, Iva Ovcharova, Stefan Tipikov and Ognyan Ivanov - “Fragments of Bahedra”. - Pa d'action, music by Ludwig Minkus.

As always, the event was honored by the Municipality of Burgas - a basket of flowers was presented on behalf of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.
A rapturous audience - intelligent, understanding, sensing, magnificent stage artists - the attendees had the opportunity to complete an aesthetic experience at the Opera Hall.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas