19 december 2023 Delightful Performance Of "The Nutcracker" At The Opera Hall

It was a wonderful finale of the year on the Burgas stage for the ballet ensemble of the Burgas State Opera with the extravaganza THE NUTcracker - tonight!
Congratulations to the entire troupe with tutor Galina Kalcheva - for the eventful year 2023, with a large and emotionally responsive audience - both on our stage and in the touring performances in Shumen, Razgrad, and Dobrich - with "Lake of the Swan", as well as in Haskovo - with The Nutcracker!
The last performance of THE NUTcracker for the expiring year 2023 is coming up - on December 22 in the modern new Artium Center hall in Nessebar.
The ballet ensemble deserves the warmest words of gratitude - for showing its high class and mature interpretation of the wonderful productions of the Burgas Opera and giving its loyal fans an emotional charge unmatched in intensity and richness of perception!
Art has proven to bring not only the aesthetic satisfaction of shared beauty but also to stimulate, and educate in an unobtrusively elegant way the younger generation and bring hope that the world could be better - first in the protected environment of the sharing space, then this - and in real life...
Tonight, those present in the packed Opera House witnessed the creation of stage magic to the brilliant music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
One of the most beautiful ballet productions of the State Opera - Burgas has the high class and recognizable author's handwriting of Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov. The prominent choreographer and director is the winner of the highest recognition for merits on a national scale - the "Stara Planina" order.
The scenography and the exquisite costumes, completely subordinate to the fairy tale line, are the work of Radostin Chomakov, the tutor, unifier of the ballet ensemble with his professional skills and tact - Galina Kalcheva, assistant director of the remarkable ballet production, is Petar Tikholov.
The superb costumes of the entire ballet troupe cannot go unnoticed, meticulously polished and sustained in the unified conceptual line of the production, as well as the enchanting sets and the original layout of the stage, professionally secured technically - through the lighting and special effects.
The evening of December 19 was an elegant combination of finesse, a skillful recreation of the famous fairy-tale plot - a smooth overflow of the pictures, united by the idea line of the director's intention, realized with scope and fantasy.
Beautiful, radiating festivity, carriers of class and inspiration were all the participants in the fabulous extravaganza - from the smallest performers from the Children's Ballet Theater "Kapka" to all the artists from the ensemble and the wonderful soloists.
The soloist Daniela Turtumanova, apart from her technical perfection, distinguished herself with the charm of a fragile and elegant statuette.
The soloist Teodor Tsakov - as the Nutcracker / Prince was traditionally stable and respected.
Gergana Georgieva was an artistic fury in the role of the Black Queen.
With the halo of a true magician was Kiril Filipov - as Drosselmeyer.
Deserved admiration and admiration from the numerous audience also received: Kalina Nedelchva - Fritz, Masha's friends - the charming Ilina Konstantinova and Rafaela-Maria Kuhl, Masha's mother - the aristocratic Anelia Ivanova.
In the attractive ensembles, filled with scope, synchronization, and finesse, well-deserved applause went to: "Spanish Dance" - by Laya Ramon and Stoyan Furtunov; "Indian Dance" – by Alexandrina Arabska, Gergana Kozarova, and Kiril Filipov; "Chinese Dance" – Nanako Sato and Francesco Russo; "Russian Dance" – Ivana Fialkovska, Maria Gabarova, Mila Vasileva and Kircho Zhelyazkov.
Elegant, sparkling with whiteness and purity were the Snowflakes, and bearer of aristocratic beauty and style was the "Pink Waltz".
In the overall stage splendor, each of the performers - soloists, ensemble participants, and children's scenes - was inspired, focused, and convincing - to achieve the overall feeling of festivity!
On the eve of Christmas, the fairy "steps" of art seemed to be good omens - auguring well for the entire artistic composition!
The audience, among which there were many young people and children, as well as graduates of the ballet classes at NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Burgas, definitely left with a sense of shared beauty and joy.