18 march 2023 An Еxceptional Performance Of "Rigoletto" On Saturday

On the cold rainy Saturday evening of March 18, those present in the hall of the Burgas State Opera were warmed and emotionally shaken by the classic reading of one of Verdi's most beloved and influential operas - RIGOLETTO.

It is no coincidence that the great Italian composer stated that if he had to save only one of his operas, he would choose Rigoletto.
Tonight definitely proved the power and message of these words - the performance, under the baton of the guest conductor from Romania Matei Pop, the magnificent cast of soloists, the orchestra and the chorus of the Burgas Opera did not just masterfully perform the score, characterized by its beautiful melody and psychological saturation.
And they told - with fascinating artistry, the eternal story of hell and heaven in a human soul, of destructive impulses, of retribution, of the cards of Fate, which are arranged according to our own choices, of meanness, betrayal, purgatory, redemption.
The entire palette of feelings and relationships woven into the human being exists, lives, continues to excite - with the skillful in-depth interpretation of existential themes, in Verdi's masterpiece "Rigoletto.
The audience in the Opera hall tonight was numerous, prepared, intelligent and emotionally responsive.
The attendees welcomed the creators-sculptors of art of the highest sample - with a sense, taste and reactions relevant to the artistic suggestions woven into the musical fabric, and the stage decisions fully sustained in classical style.
All the components of a strong spectacle were combined: Verdi's timeless music, the in-depth directorial reading of Associate Professor Dr. Alexander Tekeliev, unraveling the codes of the human psyche; the master baton of maestro Matei Pop, who, in addition to a measured and precise conducting gesture, also showed strong emotionality;
the soloists - with exceptional individual qualities and at the same time - achieved remarkable cohesion on stage; the orchestra with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, with a monolithic sound of the complex score - both technically and in the construction of dynamic nuances; the male choir with conductor Nevena Mihailova - with an excellent balanced sound, both on stage and behind the curtain.
And last but not least - the overall technical and visual appearance of the show should be noted - congratulations to all the specialists from the technical services who ensured a high level performance / Dimitar Peshev/.
In his crowning role of Rigoletto, this vrcher was the famous Bulgarian baritone Alexander Krunev, who performed the tragic role of the sad jester more than 100 times. Krunev embodied himself with emotional devotion and unquestionable vocal mastery in the complex image, in which various psychological nuances are explored.
The young tenor Mihail Mihailov, who is a frequent and welcome guest on the Burgas stage, once again proved his high class - softness of the voice, jeweled phrases, strong suggestions reaching the audience through emotional amplitudes. The Duke's iconic Aria "La donna e mobile" in his stirring performance was enthusiastically received by the audience.
Superlatives tonight are not enough to describe the performance of the entire artistic team - the wonderful soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova filigreely built the image of the gentle dreamy girl Gilda, who actually hides an unsuspected strength in her uncorrupted soul.
Exceptional emotional saturation was achieved by her Gilda, and the phrases, especially in the quiet dynamics, were as sculpted - both in technical perfection, and in articulation, and in sensual charge.
Bass Diman Panchev was stable and commanding respect in the role of the hired killer Sparafuchile, for whom the value of human life is nothing compared to a few pieces of silver.
Bright, colorful, beautiful, dizzying, charming and captivating the senses was the mezzo-soprano Joanna Kadiyska in the role of Madalena, Sparafuccile's sister, who, apart from frivolity, hides goodness and compassion in her heart.
Impressive and completely merged with the overall sound of the performance tonight were also the bass Delyan Slavov - as Count Monterone, who utters a curse striking those responsible for his father's pain; mezzo-soprano Kalina Popova - impactful and feminine as Giovanna, Gilda's intimate maid; the soprano Shmilena Sultanova and the bass Petar Tiholov - aristocratic in the images of Countess and Count Ceprano; baritone Branimir Nedkov - as the courtier Marulo, who lives in the intriguing world of high society; the tenor Lyubomir Todorov - Mateo Borsa, also part of the noble retinue; soprano Stefka Hristozova - Page.
At the end of the exciting performance, the traditional colorful greeting was presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Municipality - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas