20 february 2020 Exceptional Success Of Bayadere In Blagoevgrad

With great success, the ballet performance "Bayadere" was performed on music by Ludwig Minkus, which was performed yesterday, February 19, on the stage of the Nikola Vaptsarov Drama Theater in Blagoevgrad.

The Burgas Ballet Company showed once again a high level of artistic skill and professionalism, and even on a stage that was not intended and adapted for ballet performances, the ballet dancers danced steadily, in harmony with the artistic parameters and the messages of the production. The brilliant and exciting performance was presented in an emotional gradation by the soloists and the ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas, with the special participation of graduates of ballet classes at the National Music School "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Burgas.

"I can say that performance has gone to a high professional level. Soloists Ivanina Ivanova - in the role of Nikia, Emil Yordanov - Solor, Adriana-Maria Manassieva - Gamzati, Daniel Tichkov - as the Golden God, Svetlin Nikolov - in the role of the Great Brahmin, Ognian Ivanov - Magadaveya and Branimir Nedmani came on stage, they were upset. All soloists are growing and becoming more influential. I am grateful to all the ballet dancers - and to Dobrina Bakhova, Polina Ivanova, Daniela Turtumanova, Yana Berduta, Yana Ovcharova, Iva Ovcharova, Stefan Tipikov, Ognyan Yovchev for presenting their best on the stage of Blagoevgrad ", commented on the performance of Bayaderka in the southwestern town of Galina Kalcheva, tutor of the ballet troupe of the State Opera - Burgas and longtime prima ballerina of the Burgas Opera.

"People from the audience, who were enthusiastic, commented that such ballet extravaganza was soon viewed on the stage of Blagoevgrad and expressed their admiration and gratitude for the professionalism of the artists from the State Opera - Burgas," said Diana Barkacheva, organizer of the Burgas Opera.

The choreography of the play "Bayadere" is based on the long-standing primacy of Sofia Opera and Ballet Vasa Tonova, and the production is her debut as a choreographer. The set design is by world-renowned artist Ivan Tokadjiev, and the costumes are made by one of the best costume designers - Tsvetanka Petkova-Stoinova. The assistant director is Peter Tikholov.

"Bayadere" reveals the tragic love story of an Indian dancer at Nikiya Temple and Warrior Solor. Their love bores the great Brahmin, who is in love with the dancer, and Princess Gamzati, who is in love with Solor. Raja, Gamzati's father, had promised his daughter Solor her husband. The vengeful princess hides a snake in a flower basket destined for Nikki. During a kayak feast at a temple feast, she is mortally bitten by a snake. The Brahmin offers the antidote to Nikki in return for her love, but she refuses. As she dies, she reminds Solor of his oath of eternal faithfulness. Solor is overwhelmed by the death of his beloved. Under the influence of opiates, he is transferred to the Shadow Kingdom, where he meets the spirit of Nikia. Back in reality, he cannot shake off the memory of the meeting. At the wedding of Gamzati and Solor, before the swearing-in of the oath of allegiance, the temple was destroyed by an earthquake. They all perish, and the spirits of Nikia and Solor are finally gathered into the beyond.


The staging of the State Opera - Burgas "Bayadere" was honored with the Golden Muse Award at the ceremony of the Association of Choreographers in Bulgaria, held in Hall I of the National Palace of Culture on International Ballet Day - April 29, 2019. The nomination for The Golden Muse was about staging and directing.


Photos: Peter Mateev / Adore Pirin / - thank you for his professionalism and attitude towards ballet art!