11 october 2021 Exceptional Success At The Premiere Of "The Barber of Seville"

Shakespeare's timeless maxim: "Everything is good when it ends well" proved itself tonight / October 8 / with the premiere performance of "The Barber of Seville" on the stage of the Burgas Opera.
Delayed in time - due to objective circumstances, the premiere of the comic opera by Rossini, in a completely innovative reading of the director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev / assistant directors - Lina Peeva and Peter Tiholov / and Denis Ivanov - artist and set designer, accumulates the creative charge of the entire staff of the State Opera - Burgas and the guest soloists, to reach its apogee in the right - long-awaited, suffering, but happily reached moment. Under the baton of maestro Ivan Kozhuharov, soloists, orchestra and choir were like perfectly fused parts of an indivisible whole.
Every detail was in place - in the inextricably linked component, combining the immortal music of Gioacchino Rossini, the fun libretto, dizzying directorial decisions, challenging the senses and the mind, the stunning costumes - sustained in the style of the 70s of the XX century, the magnificent overall sound and the generalized vision of the performance.
All the elements of a quality performance were present - a well-balanced concept, clear staging line, dynamics, elegantly presented erotic nuances - with teasing and winking, super-dynamic action, smoothly flowing moments from the script, internal gradation, and unexpected outcome - with a slightly shocking effect, but causing sincere laughter with a therapeutic effect.
The characters on stage and all those who "behind the scenes" helped give birth to the wonderful premiere show deserve warm admiration:
maestro Ivan Kozhuharov, the conductor-producer, who worked out to perfection every detail of the score - dynamics, gradation, balance, intellectual charge; Nevena Mihaylova - conductor of the wonderful choir - not only as a sound, but also as a bright artistic presence - each of the artists had stage sketches filled with a great sense of humor, and, of course - the great soloists! The baritone Marian Jovanovski was a real artistic fury, with a brilliant vocal performance - in the image of the most famous barber of all time - Figaro, who in the premiere production is a copy of Elvis Presley. The baritone managed to preserve every detail of the musical text, adding the original touches to the image, which caused real sympathy and a lot of laughter in the audience. The charismatic soprano Ilina Mihailova / guest / was a fine, playful, charming, famous Rosina / in the innovative version of Assoc. Prof. Tekeliev - a passionate admirer of Marilyn Monroe /, who presented the party, characterized by extreme technical difficulty, with ease inherent in the great masters. The soprano built each musical line with filigree precision, inner gradation, and elegant mastery of his voice, and all the vocal charm was combined with gushing artistry and natural stage charm. The tenor Nikolay Motsov / guest / presented himself incredibly fresh and bright in the role of Count Almaviva, who in the innovative production of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev is ... Sheikh of Qatar, with a harem of 12 ladies / 13th is the surprise of in the evening, and the 14th offers her candidacy on her own ... Nikolay Motsov presented not only playful elements and humorous references, but also intelligently presented truths about current issues in today's fabric in the image of Graf / Sheikh / Almaviva, presenting various aspects of the character - with an in-depth reading of seemingly healing topics.
Bassist Kostadin Mechkov was extremely convincing in the sensitive image of Dr. Bartolo - as a vocal and acting construction of the role. In the updated reading of Assoc. Prof. Tekeliev, Dr. Bartolo is ... a gynecologist, with rigid understandings and insidious goals towards the beautiful Rosina.
Stable in vocals and provoking laughter with brilliantly protected stage etudes was the bass Diman Panchev - as the music teacher Don Basilio, who harnesses all sorts of intriguing schemes of a slanderous nature in the plot development. Soprano Nona Krasnikova was shockingly charming and defiantly charming in the role of housekeeper Bertha, who has an affinity for wine and men ... and more. And, of course - wonderful as a musical construction of the difficult vocal part.
The baritone Yordan Hristozov - in the images of Fiorello and the Officer, was fresh and provoked sincere smiles - both as the "hippie" in the style of the 70's - Fiorello, and as the strict guardian of order.
Applause for the wonderfully performed recitatives by the pianist Mira Iskarova, and for the orchestra of the Burgas Opera with concertmaster Vanya Zlateva, who proved her high class again.
There was a cascade of smiles in The Barber of Seville - and semiotic elements bringing to the surface of consciousness various associative connections, and logically subordinate elements in the scenographic-directorial reading, and philosophy - but presented casually and with finesse, and a pinch of the lesson, and a dose of bitter a pill from reality ... There were also frank references to modern "prose" - masks, disinfectants, vaccines, RHI, Mossad, FBI, SANS, spa, terrorist threats, even Playboy magazine ...
And last but not least - as a significance - it should be noted the wonderful technical support of the production - lighting, sound, special effects, stage solutions.
All professionals deserve admiration: assistant directors Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov, technical services, make-up artists, hairdressers, wardrobe and props employees, prompter, subtitle manager, etc.
Opera is syncretic and includes multidimensional manifestations of professionalism.
At the end of the premiere evening flowers were presented on behalf of: the regional governor Prof. Maria Neykova, the mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov, the chairman of the Municipal Council Prof. Sevdalina Turmanova, Nikolay Dimitrov, the mayor of Nessebar, Tihomir Yanakiev, the mayor of Sozopol, Dimitar Germanov, Mayor of Primorsko, Ivan Alexiev, Mayor of Pomorie, State Puppet Theater - Burgas, National Union for Safety and Security, flower boutique "Diana" and wine greeting from the wine cellar "Terra Tangra".
The event was attended by Prof. Maria Neykova, District Governor, Diana Savateva, Deputy Mayor for Culture, Tourism, and Sports, representatives of the Municipal Administration, members of the public, journalists.

The hall of the Opera House was full - of the allowable capacity, the spectators reacted spontaneously and sincerely laughed at the cascade of funny situations, and at the end of the premiere night, they applauded the performers for a long time, who really gave 110%.
At the premiere night of "The Barber of Seville", everyone "involved" proved: "Art is not only alive but also has the energy to develop!".
Congratulations Prime Minister, colleagues!
To wish a long stage life not only on the Burgas stage of the new, different and provocative in a good sense staging of Rossini's opera - in the style of the "new era" in which we are challenged to live ...

Photos: State Opera - Burgas