21 december 2023 Exciting Finale Of The Year With the Christmas Concert

If there are moments in life when a person would like to utter - completely sincerely and spontaneously the Faustian "Oh, a moment, stop!", then tonight surely many of those present in the hall of the Burgas State Opera would say it, even if only mentally - as recognition and prayer for more beauty in reality...
Delightful, emotional, and colored with the entire palette of musical greatness was the last event on the Burgas stage for the past rich year for the Opera - A CHRISTMAS CONCERT under the baton of the doyen in the Bulgarian cultural space - maestro Yordan Dafov, who manages to infuse life-giving meaning and supreme emotional saturation of the vibration containing the purest dimension of the pursuit of Perfection - the birth of musical creation, each time like a prayer, a spiritual vibration, a Divine Providence, an insight, a humble bow to that which could not be touched, but which everyone feels - through the receptors of his inner "I ...

And this is the magical moment of contact with Art. This brings messages from beyond not only warms, but also transforms pain, disappointment, accumulated sadness, and despair - as the brightest counterbalance to darkness.
And a winner - always.
And on the eve of the Nativity of Christ, this spiritual gift was presented - with all the power of its messages, to the Burgas public, who experienced a real Event.
Maestro Dafov is a recognized spiritual leader and unifier. And tonight he proved his class.

All the performers - the 13-year-old violinist Vladimir Merenliev, Branimir Nedkov, Ilina Gospodinova, Milen Dinolov, as well as the soloists and all the young singers from the Children's Choir "Milka Stoeva" - with conductors Marieta Seklemova and Lily Bedrosyan, the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas with a concertmaster Vanya Zlateva, the choir - with conductor Alexander Chepanov, as well as the surprise of the festive evening - the dance group of the Professional Folklore Ensemble "Strandja" led by Mario Egov, were at the height, as a brilliant realization of the general idea.
Vladimir Meranliev is the soloist of the Burgas Opera Orchestra for the second time. He played a chamber concert in the Opera Hall in October 2020, together with Olga Doikova /violin/ and Kostadin Koshnicarov /piano/, under the baton of Tsanislav Petkov. The talented young instrumentalist, the winner of several national and international awards, even then impressed with his maturity and self-absorption, which was incredible for his years, and his philosophical view of the musical text of Johann Sebastian Bach in his performance of the I part of the Violin Concerto in A minor of the great classic. And this evening, Vladimir was extremely focused, absorbed in the messages of the music, and at the same time - giving out of his inner fervor to the hushed audience. For his 13 years, the young violinist has shown not only an enviable technical mastery but also a wealth of tone, perception, and artistic radiance. In the hall, as emotional support, were his parents, as well as the distinguished violin teacher Lyudmila Ivanova, who has been working for years with the talented instrumentalist - a graduate of NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Burgas.

Admirations also deserve the other performers with solo appearances in the concert program: baritone Branimir Nedkov, soloist of the Burgas Opera, who showed a different role that suits him just as well as classical opera and operetta roles; the soprano Ilina Gospodinova - with a beautiful and rich timbre and coloratura heights, the tenor Milen Dinolov - with an extremely warm caressing voice, as well as the young soloists from the Children's Choir "Milka Stoeva" - enchanting and wonderful sounding.

The choir of the Burgas Opera with the conductor - the young professional Alexander Chepanov, who has been in the position for a few months, but has already managed, following the good traditions and what was built by the previous choirmaster - Nevena Mihailova, to preserve the magnificent form of the choir - and as a sound, and as a balance, and as a dynamic effect achieved.

Traditionally, the young singers from the "Milka Stoeva" Children's Choir were wonderful - with mood, gushing talent, and palpable joy from sharing art.

The audience, which filled the hall of the Burgas Opera, followed the musical adventure not only with bated breath - due to the understandable excitement of the encounter with high art, but also because of the achieved common arc of feelings and empathy.
At the finale, the dancers from PFA "Strandja" performed, together with the orchestra of the Opera, the famous "Rachenitsa" by Petko Stainov - putting a magnificent coda to the festive event. The solemn send-off from the stage life of Vanya Delcheva from the composition of the ensemble was also a surprise, as this evening was her last appearance as a professional dancer. In her honor, the choir performed "Many Summers", and the beautiful gesture brought tears to the long-time artist.

Beauty, meaning, continuity, unadulterated excitement, style, and balance in the presented program, in which both classical works and plays by Bulgarian authors sounded - this was the sign of the concert tonight.

On March 13, 1899, the great Bulgarian composer, considered a modern classic, was born - Prof. Pancho Vladigerov. At the beginning of the coming year 2024, we will celebrate 125 years since his birth. The Burgas Opera, under the conductorship of Maestro Dafov, will have the privilege and honor of being the first to mark the landmark anniversary - before the event itself. That is why the famous conductor chose to perform an emblematic work of Vladiger's - rhapsody "Vardar", which is the bearer of the best of the national musical traditions. In the rhapsody "Vardar" motifs from Bulgarian folk music are interwoven with a remarkable artistic power with the feeling of ancestral memory and reverence for the beauty of the Motherland.

As a beautifully festive addition during the event - on the appropriately decorated stage, there were two baskets on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Municipality - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, and Adv. Mihail Hadzhiyanev, chairman of the Municipal Council - for all the over 150 performers who participated in the Christmas concert.

The final performance of the Burgas Opera for this year was honored by the deputy mayor for culture and religions - Mrs. Diana Savateva, deputy mayors, and representatives of the municipal administration.

In the program, it was said:

P. Vladigerov – Bulgarian Rhapsody "Vardar" *
R. Karagyozov - "It's Christmas Again", children's choir
F. Gruber/Al. Tekeliev - "Silent night, holy night" - women's choir, children's choir
G. F. Handel - "Hallelujah" from the oratorio "Messiah" - chorus
Ts. Frank - Panis Angelicus - choir, soloist - Milen Dinolov
A. Vivaldi - "Winter" from the cycle "Seasons", soloist - Vladimir Meranliev - violin
H. Agasyan - "Christmas Eve" - children's choir
R. Karagyozov - "Children's Christmas Suite" - children's choir
JS Bach - chorale "Adoramus te" - chorus
P. Vladigerov – Song from "Bulgarian Suite" *
Fr. Kuots - "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" - children's choir
M. Andersen, J. Livingston and R. Evans/ N. Kotsev - "Silver Bells" - children's choir, soloist - Branimir Nedkov
V. Jambazov - "Hear the herald angel" - choir, soloist - Ilina Gospodinova
J. Bizet - "Farandola" - orchestra
J. Lennon - "War Is Over" - choir, children's choir, soloists - Branimir Nedkov, children
P. Stainov - "Ruchenitsa"
*The works of Pancho Vladigerov are performed on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of his birth

Photos: State Opera - Burgas