03 march 2020 Fire Extinguishers And Acrobatic Numbers In Gypsy Baron

A spectacular performance of the operetta "The Gypsy Baron" will be presented on March 4, at 7 pm, at the Opera Hall. An exciting story of hidden treasure, fortune telling, predictions, mysteries, love passions, pride, proving honor, courage, intricate plot ties and unexpected revelations, the apotheosis of strong and incorruptible feelings will be told on stage at Burgas Opera on Wednesday. There will be swallows of fire, acrobats, lavish dances that radiate the passion and emotion of both the gypsy soul and temperamental Hungarian folk traditions, beautiful and rich costumes and, of course, magnificent singers who, through the means of musical art, will make the audience experiencing a magical fairytale reality - against the backdrop of beautiful and temperamental music by Johann Strauss (son).

The opera of the operetta in three acts, the Gypsy Baron, developed in Hungary at the end of the eighteenth century. The libretto is by Ignac Schnitzer, created by the novelty "Safi" by Mor Yokoi. The production of the production, characterized by its splendor, dynamic stage action, attractive costumes, and special effects, is directed by Mario Nikolov - a guest who will present himself in the role of Sandor Barinkai, a landlord, exiled in exile. Mario Nikolov is known not only for his many roles in domestic and foreign stages but also for leading the author's program for classical music and jazz "Eternal Music" on BNT. In the role of Safi, the daughter of Gypsy fortune teller Chipra, who actually turns out to be the daughter of the last Turkish Pasha who lived during the Ottoman invasion of the Hungarian lands, a soloist at the Stefan Makedonkova Music Theater Valentina Kordechkova will perform on the stage of the Burgas Opera House. guest. She is an honorable and welcome guest on the Burgas stage, and has participated in other productions of the State Opera - Burgas - Bat, Savoy Ball, Countess Maritza, Viennese Blood, as well as in concert performances performed by the ensemble at the Bourgas Opera - "Under the Sky of Paris", "From Vienna to Broadway" and others.

 Chipra, a gypsy fortune teller, will play the temperamental Shmilena Sultanova. The image of Kaloman Zupan, a wealthy pig trader, will be presented by Jordan Hristozov. The brilliant soprano Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova will play the role of his daughter Arsen. The party of Earl Homonay, the leader of the Hussar squad, will be sung by bass Diman Panchev. Lina Peeva will be Mirabella, the governess of the rich daughter Arsena. The role of her son Otokar will be fulfilled by the young tenor Yani Nikolov. In the image of Carnero, Commissioner of the Commission on Local Customs, Mirabella's husband and Otocar's father, will be Peter Tiholov.

The conductor of the production is the young maestro, but already with solid experience behind the console, and in serious and large-scale music projects - Tsanislav Petkov. Most recently, on February 11, he conducted with great success the opera Palychi by Ruggiero Leoncavallo on the Burgas stage. The stage design of the Gypsy Baron is by Ivan Tokadjiev, conductor of people - Nevena Mihaylova, the dances are the work of Galina Kalcheva, the tutor of the ballet staff of the Burgas Opera, the assistant directors of the attractive production are Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov, concertmaster.