27 november 2020 Fairytale Extravaganza At the Performance Of "Sleeping Beauty" Brilliant debuts of Polina and Ivanina Ivanovi - as Princess Aurora and Fairy Lilac

Magnificence, combining elegance, grace, finesse and beauty - in its purest dimensions, on Thursday night at the Opera Hall! The performance of "Sleeping Beauty" based on the immortal music of PI Tchaikovsky was the embodiment of the primordial pursuit of Perfection, Meaning, Goodness, Love! And a secret longing that the fairy-tale reality could turn into a "living life" - to become more bearable and at least a little warmer...
Admiration from the audience, which patiently waited for the repeated postponement of the performance this year, due to objective reasons, to experience it in its full glory, deserved the whole ballet troupe of the Burgas Opera and the guest soloists from the Stara Zagora Opera. Sisters Polina and Ivanina Ivanovi made extremely strong debuts on the Burgas stage - in the roles of Princess Aurora and Fairy Lilac, adding new star touches to their creative biographies, rich enough for their fragile age. The nuances of both youthful frivolity and lightness, and of an in-depth approach to the construction of the images, were palpable from the performances of the two talented and beautiful primi. Deserved applause was also given to Frederico Pinto - guest, prime minister-soloist of the State Opera - Stara Zagora, in the role of Prince Desiree, who was not only technically brilliant, but his performance was combined with strong expressiveness and gushing emotion. Brilliant, woven into the overall vision of the magnificent production, was the performance of all ballet dancers - as King Florestan was Svetlan Nikolov, in the role of the Queen on the Burgas stage came the royal Lora Pehlivanova. Daniel Tichkov was in the image of the master of ceremonies Catalabut as always stable and emotional. Yana Berduta made a strong debut as Carabos, who makes an ominous spell for Princess Aurora. The Fairy of Tenderness - Patricia Suarez, the Fairy of Fertility - Iva Ovcharova / who the audience saw as the temperamental Little Red Riding Hood in the Procession of Fairy Tales /, the Fairy of Generosity - Daniela Turtumanova, who also incarnated as a Cat, also had a gentle fairytale presence on the Burgas stage. in boots, the Fairy of Carelessness - Natalie Ivanova, Fairy of Courage and Princess Florina - Adriana-Maria Manasieva. The male presence in the lavish show of colors, emotions and dynamics was also colorful: Teodor Tsakov was in the role of the Blue Bird. The Burgas audience saw Francesco Borriello / guest soloist from the Stara Zagora Opera / as the White Cat, and Ognyan Ivanov appeared on the stage as the Scary Wolf. The ensemble of Four Knights included Teodor Tsakov, Ognyan Ivanova, Stefan Tipikov, Franceso Borriello. Admiration was deserved by all artists from the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas, for their precision and dedication on stage. Appropriate applause at the end of the performance was given to Galina Kalcheva, a tutor of the lavish and aesthetically and meaningfully sustained - in every detail, the production of Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov!
Flowers on behalf of the mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov and Helikon bookstores were presented at the final.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas



Video: Emil Marinov