04 december 2020 Emblematic Names In The Exhibition "Personalities of Burgas"

On behalf of the management of the State Opera - Burgas, we thank the Municipality of Burgas for the invitation to include iconic personalities related to the creative work of the Burgas Opera over the years in the exhibition "Personalities of Burgas. Eternal Artists", prepared for St. Nicholas Day and positioned in the beginning of Bogoridi Boulevard - in the glass windows, opposite the Clock / in front of the Bulgaria Hotel /. Burgas Opera, other cultural institutions and the whole public related to cultural and historical memory, deserves this gesture of attention and respect!

"Personalities of Burgas. Eternal Artists" is an exhibition that presents 18 prominent artists who wrote their names in golden letters in the cultural history of Burgas. The interesting design of the board is by the artist Miroslav Monovski. The overall vision is complemented by personal quotes and short life wisdom of each artist, remaining a benchmark in his creative path. The exposition is realized by the Municipality of Burgas on the occasion of the city holiday, December 6 - St. Nicholas Day. ", It is said in the publication on the official website of the Municipality of Burgas on the occasion of the exhibition.

We meet the artistic family of Lyuba Kolchakova, one of the first professional ballerinas and the actor Georgi Popov, who we still remember as Major Weiss from the series "Every kilometer". , the prominent Prof. Ivan Vulpe, who glorifies the Burgas Philharmonic, the opera singer Stoyan Popov, called by the French music critics "the Bulgarian Tito Gobi" ... Actors, directors, opera singer, composer, two conductors and a prima ballerina ... their messages are so strong that they are a favorite of generations of Bulgarians.For some of them Burgas is the place where their dreams come true.Others, winged by the energy and audacity of Burgas, spread its fame beyond the horizon of the known.Them in common is their great talent and the stage on which they are doomed - because artists always have the same task - to give their all to the best of their ability to turn their art into a legend. you believe. The Municipality of Burgas expresses its gratitude to DT "Adriana Budevska", Opera - Burgas, Puppet Theater - Burgas, Historical Museum - Burgas, YES Archives - Burgas, RB "Peyo Yavorov", IC "Signs" and Rumyana Emanuilidou", says the article.