18 june 2022 Great Mood At The Premiere Of "Piff, Puff, Poof"

The long-awaited premiere of a children's title - fabulous color, gushing mood, beauty - in sets, costumes and overall appearance of the artists, cute joke - measured and tasteful, casual children's smiles - the purest and surest indicator that the messages of the play and the mastery of the artists has reached a children's audience that can not be deceived!
On a gloomy rainy Saturday, the premiere performance of the THREE PIGS "PIF, PAF, PUF" - the premiere of the Burgas State Opera brought the most pleasant emotions and sincere smiles - to children and their grown-up companions.
The impatience to empathize with the emotion of the premiere was visible - a queue for tickets had curled up in front of the Opera box office before the performance - we can only wish that in the future the invitation to art will be so warmly accepted!
The creative process of the birth of the new children's show led to
triumphant finale - with stormy approval, admiration and happy smiles. The credit for the successful end of the process goes to the talented team: the director - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev , the artist - Anna-Maria Tokadzhieva Ani Tokadjieva, assistant directors - Lina Peeva Lina Peeva LINA PEEVA and Peter Tiholov Petar Tiholov Galina Kalcheva Galina Kalcheva, as well as all specialists from the technical services - sound engineers, stage workers, wardrobes, prompter.
As it became clear from the script - for educational purposes it is important for children to understand - behind the scenes are many professionals, without whose work no production would be possible.
The scenography and costumes of "Pif, Puff, Poof", the work of the young talented artist Anna-Maria Tokadzhieva, represent the entertaining and most characteristic side of each of the characters. The sets are stunning and completely in line with the fairy tale, presented with the technique of "theater within theater". The attractive dances, the work of the choreographer Galina Kalcheva, were performed by the artists themselves - with energy, desire and enviable skills.
The arrangement, the sound design and the instrumental work of Nina Reichel and piano Nina Reichel were also wonderful and professionally presented.
The funny story about Pif, Paf, Poof, Kumcho Valcho, Pataran, the storytellers - Milko and Ilko, was presented today on the stage of the Opera in an original way, and in the entertaining plot were unobtrusively intertwined lessons for children.
The stage adaptation of the director Alexander Tekeliev brings a new philosophy, as well as funny accents in the well-known story. The musical comedy for children by Alexander Raichev
"Piff, Puff, Poof" performed - with a tangible creative charge, zeal and whirlwind stage presence: the two more windy and short-sighted piglets, but with good hearts -
Pif - Vessela Apostolova, Paf - Stefka Hristozova, Poof / reciter, altruist, builder of safe houses against Wolf's raids / - Kalina Popova; Kumcho Valcho himself, who chases the three piglets to prepare a delicious lunch - Branimir Nedkov; The Pataran duck, which, warmed by a good word, helps the piglets - Shmilena Sultanova; the moderators of the entertaining story with an instructive ending - Ilko - Miroslav Dimitrov Miroslav Dimitrov and Milko - Milen Dinolov Milen Dinolov.
The happy smiles of children and parents and the desire to take pictures with their favorite fairy tale characters were the best attestation for a job well done!
At the end of the holiday Saturday, a basket of flowers was presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov.
Congratulations Prime Minister, colleagues!
Let the new wonderful production of the Burgas Opera have a long and happy stage life! Good luck to the other line-up of the second premiere - on Tuesday, June 21, at 10.30 am in the Opera Hall! The roles will be:
Pif - Sofia Lovdzhieva-Svetlozarova, Paf - Polina Bahchevanova, Poof - Lina Peeva, Kumcho Valcho - Yordan Hristozov, The Duck - Darina Zapryanova, Ilko - Miroslav Dimitrov, Milko - Milen Dinolov.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas