10 august 2023 A Full Hall&An Enthusiastic Audience at "Love Story" in Pomorie

After the temperamental concert with Italian and Spanish canzonets, opera pearls and beloved hits - with the concert "O Sole Mio!" in Chernomorets yesterday, this evening the intense summer program of the Burgas State Opera moved to the tonality of love, but in another beautiful seaside town - Pomorie, with the concert performance "Love Story".
The concert is included in the summer cultural program of the Municipality of Pomorie, under the title "Sea of Wine".
Due to the forecast for rain, the event was held in the hall of the National Community Center "Prosveta - 1888" - Pomorie, and not outdoors, as planned.
The comfortable hall of the community center turned out to be too narrow to accommodate all those wishing to dedicate the evening to a quality event with an incredible emotional charge.
It is an unwritten maxim that not only the professionalism of the performers in a concert program but also the general atmosphere and spark between audience and artists is a guarantee of that general elation that could not be imitated or evoked in any way other than a pure sample of art.
And tonight in Pomorie exactly this happy stage interaction happened with the "Love Story" concert.
And the main culprit, with undeniably talented "runner-ups" - the two wonderful soloists and the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas, was maestro Deyan Pavlov!
Under his baton, beloved musical pearls from the "golden years" of French cinema sounded.
They were filled with an incomparable life-affirming charge, skill, and fusion with musical messages, melodic beauty, refined sensuality, and lyrical gentle reflections of the soul, reflected in the subtle approach to life's realities.
Each of the performances of the wonderful soloists of the Burgas Opera - the soprano Nona Krastnikova and the tenor Yani Nikolov, who a week ago made their remarkable debut in the main roles in the operetta THE GYPSY BARON on stage, were greeted with thunderous applause from the audience. at the Summer Theater - Burgas, also under the baton of maestro Deyan Pavlov.
The love of the two soloists for the French culture was palpable - this was evident from their perfect pronunciation of the texts of the "language of love", for which it is not by chance that French is crowned.
The orchestral accompaniment and solo instrumental performances of the musicians from the Burgas Opera, with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, were also impressive this evening - at times sounding with refined tenderness, at other times - with an element of fresh banter, and sometimes - with the nostalgic shades of the French chanson - incomparable as a sensual charge.
The orchestra built the musical scores with impressive dynamics and professionalism.
The wonderful musicians - the concertmaster, the leaders of the groups, all the orchestra players, as well as the two wonderful pianists - Daria Krasteva, Eola Max, and Nina Reichel, deserved admiration.
And maestro Deyan Pavlov distinguished himself with his traditionally attractive presence and original sense of humor, making contact with the audience, who became his favorite, together with everyone who created the magnificent concert performance, which ended with an expected encore.
In the rich, wonderfully selected program, subject to French finesse and a beautiful approach to the "things of life", sounded:
Vladimir Kozma - Overture, including themes from the films: "Chatovalon", "The Fugitives", "Wing or Ball";
Georges Orique - Theme from the movie "Moulin Rouge";
Michel Mann - "Ma chere Helene", theme music from the movie "Fantomas";
Luigi - "Life in Pink", the legendary song of Edith Piaf, soloist - Nona Krastnikova;
Michel Polnaref - Suite from the film "Obsession with Grandeur";
Vladimir Kozma - music from the film "Chatovalon", soloist - Yani Nikolov;
A suite of French waltzes / "Little waltz", "Under the sky of Paris". "Pigal", "Domino", "The Girl of Paris"/;
Georges Garvarenz - "Une vie d'amour", music from the film "Tehran 1943", soloist - Yani Nikolov;
Frances Le - "Une Histoire d'amour" - "Love story", music from the film of the same name;
Michel Legrand - Duet from the film "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg",
soloists: Nona Krastnikova and Yani Nikolov;
Vladimir Kozma - Potpourri of themes from the films: "The Fathers", "Knock on Wood", "The Toy", "The Party", "The Tall Blush Man with the Black Shoe";
Marguerite Monnot - "Hymne a l'amour", music from the movie "Paris Keeps Singing";
Georges Löfer - March from the film "The Policeman of Saint Tropez".
Leading the exciting concert evening - both as a presence on the stage and as a voice "behind the scenes" was Petar Tiholov, who was multifunctional that evening and was also behind the desk - as an assistant director, and at the end of the program he joined as a singer - in the attractive musical theme from the film with Louis de Fines "The Policeman of Saint Tropez", when everyone - soloists, conductor, musicians, and audience - sang.
Each of the performances of the "Love Story" concert led the attendees into the charming world of French culture and worldview - and this was undoubtedly felt, experienced, and appreciated.
And people left the hall with happy smiles, not even noticing the beginning of rain...

Photos: State Opera - Burgas