22 february 2021 All Were Happy Аt The Anniversary Performance Of Snow White The Opera House Was Full To The Capacity Of 30%

Full hall with happy children and parents / as far as the capacity currently allows - 30% /, motivated and inspired artists, a real festive atmosphere - on Saturday morning at the Opera Hall, the fiftieth-anniversary performance of the musical performance for children by Atanas Kosev "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs "/ directed by Darina Glavanakova-Bakardzhieva, set design by Ivan Tokadjiev, assistant directors by Lina Peeva and Petar Tiholov, dances by Galina Kalcheva /!
The eternal tale of the counterbalance of Good and Evil, of the hope born of mutual help and empathy in this world where the most important thing is to meet a true friend and protector - no matter in the face of the Seven Dwarfs, or the Prince, or anyone a good man on your way who opens his heart to you ...
A very strong spectacle was received, welcomed by the large audience - both young and old children, with which art proved that even in times of trial for all of us, it is the eternal stimulus and source of beauty and hope.
Deserved admiration was given today to the soloists, who incarnated with skill and attitude to the most sincere audience - the children's:
Snezhanka - Shmilena Sultanova,
Queen - Darina Zapryanova,
Prince - Milen Dinolov,
Narrator - Branimir Nedkov,
Mirror - Milen Dinolov / who also played the role of the Prince /,
Professor - Kalina Popova,
Kihlo - Miroslav Dimitrov,
Laughter - Alexander Perperiev,
Curious - Vesela Apostolova,
Vseznayko - Petar Tiholov,
Murmur - Sofia Lovdzhieva
The kid - Maria Dobreva.
Artists from the ballet of the State Opera - Burgas also took part in the production.
At the end of the anniversary performance was presented the traditional flower basket on behalf of Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, Mayor of Burgas.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas