01 october 2021 Happy World Music Day!

Happy World Music Day!
Let us always trust in its ennobling power, which opens the senses to new universes and enriches perceptions, feelings, heals, elevates!

In the video:
Part IV - Allegro molto, on Symphony No. 2 by Ludwig van Beethoven
Conductor - Tsanislav PETKOV
The recording is from the concert "Viennese Classics 2" / April 28, 2021. Opera Hall /
Orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas, Concertmaster - Yordan KOVACHEV

Fragments from "Puccini Gala" - June 19, 2021, Summer Theater - Burgas,
Conductor - IVAN KOZHUKHAROV, Concertmaster - Yordan KOVACHEV,
Conductor of people - Nevena MIHAYLOVA
Soloists: Joana ZHELEZCHEVA - soprano, Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova - soprano, Nona KRASTNIKOVA - soprano, Daniel DAMYANOV - tenor, Yani NIKOLOV - tenor, Lyubomir TODOROV - tenor - Alexandre Banor