19 october 2023 A Full House At A Performance Of "Pinocchio" In Provadia


Today, in parallel with the second tour of the II STOYAN POPOV NATIONAL COMPETITION FOR OPERA SINGERS, the Burgas Opera had a tour to the National Community Center "Aleko Konstantinov 1884" - Provadia - with the children's play "Pinocchio".
"The hall of the community center was full of enthusiastic audience. We haven't had such exalted children, with so much applause in a long time!", said Diana Berkacheva, organizer of the Burgas State Opera, about the success of the event.
Well done to all the artists, as well as to the specialists from the technical services, who carried out the successful show in the city of Provadia, where the Burgas Opera is honored and welcomes guests with various titles from its repertoire.