26 november 2019 "Kiss me, Kate!" With Success On the Plovdiv Stage

   Another successful show of "Kiss Me, Kate!" performed the creative composition of the State Opera - Burgas at the "Boris Hristov" House of Culture in Plovdiv. Just days after the furor at the National Theater, Burgas Opera brought the mood of the American musical and the Plovdiv stage.
   Although rainy and gloomy as natural realities, Plovdiv welcomed the artists from "Kiss Me, Kate!" with a smile - as emotion and mood, which are intertwined both in Cole Porter's beautiful musical score and in the original script and direction. At first, the Plovdiv audience seemed to be slightly skeptical, perhaps due to the fact that the staff of the State Opera was a guest on their stage, but subsequently reacted adequately - to the humor and jokes to those involved in the funny scenario, and to the end sent the troupe of Burgas Opera on the feet, with sincere applause and smiles.

   There were very small changes in the composition, which was welcomed on the capital's stage - in the role of the moody gleeful beauty Lois Lane / Bianca was Nona Krustnikova, who was recently seen by the Burgas audience, as well as opera fans in Kozloduy and Vratsa, in the role of Tosca. and before that as Countess Almaviva in Mozart's Figaro Wedding. In her entertaining role on the Cole Porter musical, she achieved at least an impact level, but through other ways of toning and intonation, as well as an artistic still life in the comedy spectrum. Nona Krаstnikova's successful debut in "Kiss Me, Kate!" was on the 16th of October, on the stage of the Burgas Opera.

   With her usual stage presence and artistry, style and subtlety in the exchange of replicas and exquisite vocal solo performances were Edelina Kaneva, who just two days before the performance in Plovdiv had an anniversary concert dedicated to the 30th anniversary of her creative career on the stage of the State Music and the Stefan Macedonian Ballet Center - the premier soloist of the Musical Theater Edelina Kaneva, her longtime stage partner Marcho Apostolov, Branimir Nedkov, Delyan Slavov, Diman Panchev, Miroslav Dimitrov, Lina Peeva, Peter Tiholov, Jordan Hristozov, Milen Dinolov, Lyubomir Todorov, Alexander Perperiev, Valyu Totev. Directed by Alexander Tekeliev, assistant directors - Lina Peeva and Peter Tiholov, set design and beautiful costumes - by Denis Ivanov, choreography - by Zhelka Tabakova, conductor of the choir - Nevena Mihaylova. The successful production was conducted under the conductor of maestro Tsanislav Petkov. At the finale, the soloist Edelina Kaneva received congratulations and flowers on behalf of the State Opera - Plovdiv on the occasion of her stage anniversary, as well as the deserved recognition by the Union of Music and Dance Workers - the highest distinction "Golden Lyra", for her overall artistic activity and excellence in the field of music.

     "Kiss me, Kate!" has already gone through five-stage incarnations, two of them on the Burgas stage and the rest in Gorna Oryahovitsa, Sofia, and now Plovdiv.

   Set for the first time in Bulgaria, with officially acquired copyrights, the musical that recharges with its dynamic action, filled with unexpected twists, as well as recreation of the "theater in theater" technique, which suggests entertaining relationships in the characters' relationships, the performance deserves a long and successful stage life, and I hope that with its energetic charge they will be able to touch more music lovers, with a taste and a sense of value.

Photos: Rusalen Mihaylov