02 december 2019 Macedonian Prima M.Eftimova Presents A Gift For The Burgas Opera

Thanks to Natalia Nedyalkova, a Burgas poet, journalist, translator, publicist, to the State Opera - Burgas and the director of the cultural institution Alexander Tekeliev, she reached the luxurious edition "Milka Eftimova - A World of One Voice", dedicated to the Macedonian opera singer, who is a Bulgarian opera singer. appearances on world scenes - Milka Eftimova. The author of the impressive book - both as a comprehensive content and as a wealth of photographic material, in luxurious printing, is Snezhana Anastasova Chadikovska, who graduated from the Bulgarian State Conservatory in 1972.

   This year, during the 46th edition of the Karamanov Poetry Meetings, held November 22-24 in Radovish, organized by Macedonian poet Borce Panov, who has been a guest of Burgas several times - during the May holidays of Slavic artists " Holy Word "and recently presented his book at the Writer's House - Burgas. During the Karaman meetings, as a creator and translator, Natalia Nedyalkova represented Bulgaria, and opera prima Milka Eftimova was the guest of honor. During the personal conversations of the Burgas poet with the Macedonian singer, it became clear that the opera prima was visiting Bulgaria. As a person who is directly related to the cultural life of Burgas, Natalia Nedyalkova told about the creative life of the Burgas Opera, interesting details about our city, and the fact that Macedonian singers express their talent on our stage.

   Milka Eftimova is a well-known opera singer and teacher from Northern Macedonia. Prima of the Macedonian National Theater, full professor at the Faculty of Music at Skopje University. She was born on February 26, 1936, in Radovish. She starts singing when he is little. Her musical talent was discovered in high school by a music teacher who guided her to turn music into a career. In 1956 he started studying at the Secondary Music School in Skopje. After a competition in Zagreb from 1956, at which Milka Eftimova received the third prize. After graduating from the Secondary School of Music, he left for Ljubljana, where he enrolled in the Academy of Music in the Slovenian capital, in the cast of the renowned teacher and soloist of the Vienna Opera, Professor Julius Beteto. Eftimova graduated with honors on June 6, 1960. Milka Eftimova began her career as a soloist in the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra in May 1961, under the direction of Lovro von Matacic. With him, Eftimova performed Carmen in Vienna. Afterward, the participation of Matachich offers her a commitment to the Carmen Opera in Frankfurt. As a scholarship student at the Skopje Opera, Eftimova returned to Skopje and in the fall of 1961 became a soloist at the Macedonian National Theater in Skopje. At this stage, Eftimova played in the most famous operas, including Troubadour, Cavalry Rusticana, Madame Butterfly, Orpheus and Eurydice, and others. There, Eftimova worked under the direction of the famous Fimcho Muratovski and Ladislav Perldik. In the second festival year of the Ohrid Music Summer, she appeared as a soloist in the cantata "The Majesty" of Todor Skalovski. In 1966 he went to specialization in Italy. There, Eftimova received a stage performance award. Roman reviewers have noticed Eftimova's talent and she has briefly participated in 21 appearances. Eftimova has performed in Russia, China, Germany, Austria, and Italy. After repeated invitations, Eftimova began working at the Ljubljana Opera in 1967. He returned to Skopje in 1978 as a champion of the Opera at the Macedonian National Theater. Eftimova is the only singer from the Republic of Macedonia to visit the main stage of the Prague State Opera. She left the opera stage in November 1991. In his many years of career, he has made numerous appearances all over the world. After leaving the opera stage, Eftimova devotes herself to teaching. She became a full professor at the Faculty of Music at the University of Skopje and a teacher at the School of Music and Ballet in Skopje, as well as at the Secondary School of Music in Shtip. She prepares musicians she chooses from the music school she teaches. Among her students are prominent performers from the Republic of Macedonia, including Vesna Ginovska, Pavlina Novakova, Tsvetan Pavlov, Riste Velkov, and others.

   The gift of the famous opera singer Milka Eftimova, which she makes at the State Opera - Burgas, with a special dedication in the book: “Honor and love go away. Yours - M. Eftimova "is one of the highlights in the overall framework of cultural cooperation between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia.