14 october 2020 Magnificent Soloists, Conductor&Orchestra At The Opera Concert Olga Doykova, Kostadin Koshnicharov, Vladimir Meranliev and Petar Makedonski raised the Burgas audience to their feet

After last night's concert in the Burgas Opera Hall, which gathered an elite and understanding audience, respecting the dedication of young talents, invested in the process of building them as musicians worthy of the big stage, as well as their artistic charisma, the first thought that spontaneously came to mind was: " If the soloists and the conductor of the concert at the Opera Hall tonight are the best of the young generation, then our nation has a future! "

The three young instrumentalists were wonderful - 12-year-old Olga Doykova, violin, Kostadin Koshnicharov, piano, Vladimir Meranliev, violin - and the three graduates of NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" / Olga and Vladimir - in the violin class of Elena Kleppe, Kostadin studied piano with Julia Nenova-Kehayova whо has built him as a musician so far and has prepared him for many concerts and competitions /, brilliant Petar Makedonski, trumpet, proved his professionalism on our and world stages, impeccable Tsanislav Petkov behind the conductor's desk, who managed to realize in full aesthetic and emotional completeness the ambitious music project, including a diverse program sense and style. The orchestras, in string composition, with concertmaster - Vanya Zlateva, performed "Sarabande, Giga and Badinerie" by Arcangelo Corelli and "Serenade" by Eduard Elgar. The orchestra was at its usual high level of performing skills, skillfully partnering with the young soloists, supporting their performances with a balanced sound.

The 10-year-old violinist Vladimir Meranliev amazed the audience at the Opera Hall with his incredible maturity and self-absorption and philosophical look at the musical text of Johann Sebastian Bach in his performance of the first part of the Violin Concerto in A minor of the great preclassic. As he said in his interview in the morning block of Channel 0 RN Mediagroup in front of the presenter Maria Moskova: "For me, art is not something ordinary", proving this with his performance, which reflected his great love and belonging to the art of music.

Kostadin Koshnicharov, 12 years old, also impressed with his brilliant tone, stage finesse, lightness - what is the most characteristic, but difficult to achieve in the interpretation of Mozart's music. The young pianist performed brilliantly as the complex piano passages in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Divertimento, was unshakable in thrillers that require extreme speed and mastery of specific techniques, achieved caressing sound, softness, and aristocracy.

For 12-year-old violinist Olga Doykova, who recently won first place in an online competition in the Italian city of Barletta, last night's concert was the second consecutive performance as a soloist with the State Opera Orchestra - Burgas. She performed the beautiful play with a nostalgic-tragic sound "Sevdana" by Georgi Zlatev Cherkin with an unusual for her age depth of emotions experienced during the performance, extremely beautiful tonal extraction with rich nuances of sonority and dynamics. Olga was in a whirlwind with the temperamental composition, which is especially difficult in technical terms - "Hayre, Kati" from Hubay, igniting the audience with the grabbing rhythms of the chardash.

The professionalism and high performing skills of the trumpet player Petar Makedonski were indisputable, who brilliantly presented the Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in E major by Johann Battist Neruda and the Great Russian Fantasy by Jules Levy. Perfect technique of tone extraction with a difficult brass wind instrument, beautiful sound, rich nuance in the dynamics, sculpted phrases were characteristic of the performance of the young trumpet player, who has already defended his doctorate at the National Academy of Music "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" - Sofia.

The emotional focus of the music evening was the announcement of the birthday, coinciding with the date of the concert, of the longtime violin teacher Lyudmila Ivanova, who is one of the most prominent music teachers in recent decades. According to the conductor Tsanislav Petkov, she has prepared and continues to prepare great performers for the world stages. Lyudmila Ivanova was in the hall, following with the attention of a parent, the performances of Olga Doykova and Vladimir Meranliev, which she prepares for their stage and competition performances.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas