22 april 2021 Prof. Mehmedov Has been Nominated For The Stara Planina Order

The Council of Ministers decided to propose to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria to issue a decree for the awarding of Hikmet Mehmedov with the Stara Planina Order of the first degree for his exceptional merits in the field of culture and art. Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov is a choreographer, director, and choreographer, one of the most respected artists in the modern history of Bulgarian ballet, which he works in Burgas.

In his interview for "Black Sea Lighthouse" the maestro shared some time ago: "Burgas is a storm of enthusiasm for me. Burgas gave me the opportunity to realize my desires and I gave them to him. In this sense, we do not owe anything. And in the sense that we still have a long way to go, I hope we will continue to build the big bridge of hope that it will house more and more talented people. "

Hikmet Mehmedov was born in Kardzhali. After graduating from the State Choreographic School in Sofia, he worked as a ballet dancer at the Sofia National Opera and Ballet "Arabesque". In 1982 he graduated with honors in ballet directing with Professor Nikolai Boyarchikov and Professor Pyotr Gusev at the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

He worked as chief choreographer and director of the Ruse National Opera (1983-1995), director of the ballet of the National Opera and Ballet (1995-1998), as chief choreographer of the Burgas Opera (since 1998). Stories about his many tours abroad (Turkey, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Korea, Russia), about his numerous participations as a guest choreographer in a number of ballet performances in Bulgaria, the participations are "scattered" among these ports of the creative path. his in the jury of prestigious International Ballet Festivals.

Hikmet Mehmedov successively founded ballet classes at the music schools in Ruse and Burgas. He is the initiator and organizer of the First National Creative Meeting of Young Bulgarian Ballet Masters.

Hikmet Mehmedov currently works as a professor of ballet directing at the Academy of Music and Dance - Plovdiv.

Source: Black Sea Lighthouse

A well-deserved recognition for Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov, who can proudly attend the premiere of "Giselle" on Saturday - the truest certificate for his creative and emotional investment in establishing the ballet school in Burgas are the worthy successors of his work and his numerous remarkable productions that remain in the Golden Fund of Ballet Art, and their long stage life continues!
In February and March, three weeks between performances, Hikmet Mehmedov's production of Tchaikovsky's The Hazelnut Crusher filled the Opera Hall to capacity. And the second performance was scheduled due to the exhausted tickets for the first and the great interest shown by the fans of the ballet art, despite the pandemic situation.
On June 18, 2020, in the Exposition Center "Flora" the mayor Dimitar Nikolov awarded prominent cultural figures from Burgas at an official ceremony. Traditionally, this happens on the eve of May 24, due to objective circumstances, however, the award ceremony was postponed to a later date. Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov was awarded special prizes for outstanding achievements in the cultural field - for his overall contribution to contemporary Bulgarian cultural life - through the realization of large-scale and intelligently presented dance performances. In August 2020, the State Opera - Burgas honored the famous choreographer on the occasion of his 70th birthday with a brilliant performance of "Swan Lake" - his direction, staging, and choreography. At the official ceremony before the performance of the "Ballet of Ballets", on behalf of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, Deputy Mayor for Culture, Tourism and Sports Diana Savateva presented Prof. Mehmedov with the highest award of the Municipality of Burgas - "The key to the city tower ".
We wish him many more years of creative drive, tireless spirit, and energy!
Hikmet Mehmedov nominated for Stara Planina Order: Black Sea Lighthouse - news from Burgas and the region