26 november 2020 In Memory Of The Great Kamen Chanev

Kamen Chanev is gone!
Talented! Earthly! Really! Human!
We were proud of him because he was one of the last to remind Europe and the world that Bulgarians have their indisputable place and unconditional presence in opera. That we still have!
Kamen always found a way to "steal" a few days in order to donate his talent to ours - the Bulgarian audience, which he actually valued the most!
He loved to sing in Bulgaria!
Our Кamen ... just ... loved !!!

Bright sky to the angelic singer! ...
Such personalities simply do not go away.
They are another category.
And they continue to live in the time continuum.
In another form.
In another dimension.
In the Fifth Dimension of Love.
A bow.


Fragments from the opera "Troubadour" by Giuseppe Verdi, 15.07.2020 Summer Theater - Burgas, Kamen Chanev - as Manrico