04 october 2021 The Music Of The Genius Beethoven Is Played In the Opera Hall

World Music Day - the art that is considered the most universal, as a way of perception, was marked with a symphony concert on Friday night in the hall of the Burgas Opera.
Under the baton of maestro Tsanislav Petkov, the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas with concertmaster Vanya Zlateva and soloist Maria Tsvetkova-Madjarova, soprano, made an aesthetic gift to the audience with the immortal music of the genius of the Vienna Classical School Ludwig van Beethoven. Among those present at the concert were students from the German language high school "Goethe".
The works of the Viennese classic are full of drama, philosophical dilemmas, and universal insights into the meaning of human existence and the choices through which we determine our path.
The conductor. the soloist and the musicians managed to convey the messages of Beethoven's music - deeply, with embedded thought and maturity in the interpretation. The orchestras of the Burgas Opera achieved a monolithic sound, technically mastered phrases, complete construction of the overture, and giving a specific mood for each of the separate parts of the symphony. Soloist Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova brilliantly performed the difficult vocal part of Stage and Aria for soprano and orchestra opus 56 "Ah! Perfido", with precision in building the dynamic nuances, perfect mastery of the melodic line, and excellent mastery of the style characteristic of the stylist.

The program included:
Overture "Egmont", Stage and aria for soprano and orchestra op. 56 "Ah! Perfido", soloist - Maria Tsvetkova-Madzharova, soprano, and Symphony № 1 in C major, op. 21 by Beethoven.

Photos and video: State Opera - Burgas