29 april 2021 Numerous Audience At The Concert "Vienna Classics 2"

The last event of the creative calendar of the State Opera - Burgas for April was the symphonic concert "Vienna Classics 2" / the first concert event of the series was on September 17, 2020, with conductor Yordan Dafov /.

On Wednesday evening / April 28 / in the Opera Hall, under the baton of Tsanislav Petkov, was placed the code of a successful month, after the break-in March, imposed for objective reasons.
It is as if the accumulated tensions on a global scale, the fear and the vague outlines of the future, even the near future, have begun, slowly but surely, to subside and neutralize.
And it is an art that is the most powerful catalyst for hope - for calmer, more harmonious, and fairer days - in terms of the urgent need for shared beauty, which has been hindered for the second year in a row.
Tonight the audience returned to the hall - not only for ballet, opera, and children's productions, which are traditionally attractive for more attendance. And at a symphony concert with a classical program. Many young people and children were noticed in the hall - a good sign of continuity and education of taste and values.
Performed by the orchestra of the Burgas Opera, with concertmaster Yordan Kovachev and conductor Tsanislav Petkov, who treated responsibly and maturely, despite his young age, the difficult program of the concert evening, sounded:
Symphony №29 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Symphony №2 by Ludwig van Beethoven.
The dense sound, the elaborate technical details, and the emotional saturation were tangible for the performances of the two works, which are known and loved by the connoisseurs.
On the stage - as a festive addition to the musical evening "Vienna Classics 2", was the traditional flower basket on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas


Fragments from Part IV - Allegro molto, of Symphony No. 2 by Ludwig van Beethoven