28 september 2020 The Opera House Was Subordinated To The Latin Rhythms

An incredible combination of emotionality, explosive dynamics of sensual charge, fiery rhythms, and a beautiful rainbow of feelings in the premiere concert performance "Latino Pulse" on Friday nigh tat the Opera Hall!
Stylish choreography by Galina Kalcheva, brilliant and influential ballet dancers, beautiful and talented soloist - violinist Ralitsa Petkova, wonderful orchestra - as sound, technical performance, and achieved amplitude of moods, great maestro Svilen Simeonov, who is always the author of the arrangements. has managed to reach extreme levels of emotional connection with the audience, sustained visual effects, in sync with the conceptual concept, great sound, intelligent and temperamental audience, fulfilled the allowable capacity of the hall - a memorable evening, in the tone of passion ...

Familiar and lesser-known Latin rhythms, as well as lesser-known melodies, subject to the South American temperament and worldview, the leitmotif of the film "Schindler's List" / after which the audience applauded the performance of soloist Ralitsa Petkova and the Burgas Opera Orchestra. a few minutes /, a disco version with Latin elements of Beethoven's famous Fifth Symphony, sounded in the Opera Hall, as another attestation for the high level of interpretation of the instrumentalists, combined with ballet performances, lavish and attractive, subordinated to the whole idea.
The festive artistic evening was honored with the traditional flower basket by Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

Photos and video: State Opera - Burgas