19 august 2019 "Mask Ball" on the Stage of the Summer Theater

Another qualitative event within the framework of the Musical Holidays "Emil Chakarov", initiated and realized by the State Opera - Burgas, with the support of the Municipality of Burgas, is the production of "Mask Ball" by the music of the acclaimed master of the opera genre - Giuseppe Verdi. A dramatic plot involving strong passions, internal contradictions and struggles, a propensity for betrayal, mental anguish, mysteries, gloomy predictions, stiffening fears, the quest for redemption, and the apotheosis of strong pure feelings and altruism - all as a synthesis of antagonistic human feelings woven into the libretto of the Mask Ball, combined with the beautiful opera music, will have the opportunity to empathize with the spectacle, which will take place on August 21, at 8.30 pm, at the Burgas Summer Theater. On the open stage, the story of conspiracies, irresistible desires, the path to painful awareness, the pressure of moral orders and the unraveling of fateful knots will come to life. And she will be presented in an exciting way by the magnificent cast of soloists: Ricardo - Valery Georgiev - guest, Amelia - Yoana Zhelezcheva, Renato - Marian Jovanoski, Oscar - Miglena Slavova - guest, Ulrika - Daniela Dyakova, Samuel - Delyan Slavov Diman Panchev, Silvano - Branimir Nedkov, Chief Judge - Milen Dinolov, Conductor - Grigor Palikarov, Director - Alexander Tekeliev, Conductor of People - Nevena Mihaylova, Set Design - Dimo ​​Kostadinov, Costume Designer - Lily Kostadinova, Plastic - Grisha Roglev.