30 november 2020 Swing Wave At the Opera Hall On Friday Night

The last stage event of the State Opera - Burgas for this month, and for the period until December 21 / according to health regulations / - the concert performance "Swing Classic", Friday night, at the Opera Hall.
Small but selected audience - understanding, emotional, supportive.
Stylish soloists - receive Edelina Kaneva and Nona Krastnikova, with a skillfully woven into the filigree sophisticated vocals mood - despite everything, with an intelligent sense of humor and approach to the connoisseurs in the hall.
Very strong professional presence behind the piano and Mira Iskarova, great sound of the band - Patrick Konov, trumpet, Kiro Ivanov, drums, Rositsa Toncheva, double bass!

The concert program included: "My man's gone now" / from the opera "Porgy and Bess" /, music - George Gershwin, "The man I love", music - George Gershwin, "It Ain't Necessarily So" / from the opera " Porgy and Bess "/, music - George Gershwin," Summertime "/ from the opera" Porgy and Bess "/, music - George Gershwin," It Never Was You ", music - Kurt Weil," I've Got Rhythm ", music - George Gershwin "Lullaby Of Birthland", music - J. Schering, "September Song", music - Kurt Weil, "Unforgettable", music - Irving Gordon, "Someone To Watch Over Me", music - George Gershwin, "Moon River", music - Henry Mancini, "Sway", music - L. Demetrio, "Amadu Mio" - music by Doris Fischer and A. Roberts, "Libertango", music - A. Piazzolla, "Favorite Things" - music by R. Rodgers and others.
At the end of the evening, with a taste of celebration between close friends, fans lined up to take pictures of the singers and musicians on stage, after the successful concert performance.
The traditional flower basket was also presented on behalf of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov.
Deputy Mayor Diana Savateva, who is among the most ardent fans of the art of music, was also present in the hall.
See you soon, dear audience!
Until then, as long as it will be possible not only to photograph your favorite artists on stage, but also to take a souvenir photo with them!...
Be healthy!