26 october 2023 Premiere Of The Children's Ballet "Palechka" On Saturday

On Saturday, October 28, at 11 a.m. in the hall of the State Opera House - Burgas, the youngest friends of the ballet art, as well as their parents or relatives, to whom one of the most beloved children's tales of the inimitable storyteller Hans Christian Andersen - "Fingerstick ", was also a favorite, to prepare for a stunning performance, with a vivid artistic presence and amazing special effects. The masterly adaptation, choreography, and direction of the fairy-tale plot, presented as a children's ballet performance, are the work of Maria Tabakova, who last year put on the stage of the Burgas Opera another title intended for children - "The Little Red Riding Hood", whose premiere was a great success. and the production continues to be performed with great interest - both in Burgas and on other stages in Bulgaria. On Saturday, "Palechka" will feature wonderful artists, and the scenography, in the form of 3D mapping, is also impressive. Of course, there will also be surprises to make Saturday morning truly festive - both for children and for adults who still believe in magic.

The artists from the ballet troupe of the Burgas Opera are rehearsing hard for the birth of the new children's title. The desire, diligence, and dedication in the creative process of the director - Maria Tabakova, the ballet dancers, as well as the specialists from the technical services, who prepare a production at the highest aesthetic level, are palpable. The costume designer is Natalie Markova, and the multimedia, which will transport the audience into a miraculous visual environment, is the work of Nikola Peshev.

The fairy tale "Palechka", known to every child, will come to life for the first time on the stage of the Burgas Opera House, recreated as a ballet performance. The characters from the classic work for children will make the audience immerse themselves in the magical and truly believe in miracles. The music of the new production of the Burgas Opera is by Edvard Grieg and Oleg Khodosko, and musical collages are also included.

The following are preparing for the roles in the premiere performance on Saturday: Palechka - Nanako Sato, Daniela Turtumanova-Stoyanova; Prince Elf – Francesco Russo, Kiril Filipov, Daniel Tichkov; Fairy – Ilina Konstantinova; Mother – Elena Georgieva, Mother Frog – Natalie Ivanova; Sons of frogs – Kircho Zhelyazkov, Daniel Dimitrov; Beetle - Kiril Filipov; Mouse – Kalina Nedelcheva, Yana Berduta, Mole – Kiril Filipov, Daniel Tichkov. Artists from the ballet ensemble of the State Opera-Burgas also take part in the enchanting fairy-tale ballet production.


This is what Maria Tabakova said before the premiere - with undisguised and understandable excitement: "For me, once again, it is a great pleasure to work with the artists and the team of the State Opera - Burgas - professionals who do not spare even the smallest detail. The team, with whom I work, and this time is extremely interesting", and adds:

"You will see the Japanese ballerina Nanako Sato in the main role of the premiere in the role of "Little Thumb", and the Italian ballet dancer Francesco Russo will play the Prince. It is a privilege for me to work with them, our work goes extremely dynamically and smoothly. In the performance, you will see various characters, such as frogs, beetles, mice, moles, and many others, who will present a real bouquet of emotions to the audience. I can't help but express my special thanks to the director of the Burgas Opera - Alexander Tekeliev, for the confidence he once again voted for me, the production is being carried out according to his idea! I expect this performance to cause strong emotions and thunderous applause in the hall for the artists of the State Opera - Burgas, because they have repeatedly proven that they deserve them".

And the new children's production of the State Opera - Burgas promises to be a hit - come on Saturday and you will find out why!

The plot of the premiere children's ballet performance:

"Thumbnail" is a fairy tale created by the Danish poet, traveler, and storyteller Hans Christian Andersen A woman, who wanted very much to have a child, the good fairy came and gave the woman a magic seed, which turned into a beautiful flower and from it appeared a charming a little girl as big as a human thumb. Everyone called her Thumbelina! The prince of fairy elves falls in love with her and promises to give her wings like his so they can fly together. Palechka was so beautiful that she was successively stolen by a frog, who liked her as a wife for one of his sons, by a may beetle, who abandoned her in the forest and finally fell into a field mouse, who decided to marry her to the mole and to doom her to live in darkness underground. With the help of the good fairy and the Elf prince in love with her, the little girl manages to escape and ends up at a fairy ball. And what happens at the ball - children... you will find out for yourself! (at the ball, she gets the much-dreamed-of wings and marries the Elf prince…)