29 november 2019 "Max And Moritz" Will Bring Joy To Young People And Adults

         Little viewers, accompanied by their parents or loved ones, to whom the super-fun stories of the two buddies Max and Moritz were also beloved, to prepare for a solid chunk of laughter and charging emotions!

         The premiere of the opera for children by Alexander Yosifov is on December 1st, at 11 am, at the Opera Hall. The children's performance is by the liberty of Bancho Banov, and the funny stories of the robbers Max and Moritz, with whom we all grew up, receiving not only occasions for sincere smiles but also many lessons, are presented in the musical spectacle in a casual, dynamic, with a lot of finesse and catchy cues between stage characters. The conductor of the musical performance is Tsanislav Petkov. The director of the entertaining production, which, however, has serious messages to the children's audience as well as to the adults, is Alexander Tekeliev. The set design is by Ivan Tokadzhiev, the costumes that represent the most characteristic of the characters - Anna-Maria Tokadzhieva. The various dances are the work of Galina Kalcheva. The assistant directors of the production are Lina Peeva and Peter Tiholov.

         For most roles, a double solo composition has been prepared: Milen Dinolov / Stefka Hristozova - in the role of Max's dachshund, Branimir Nedkov / Vesela Apostolova - Max's accomplice in White - Moritz, Jordan Hristozov enters the character of Writer Bush. The role of Aunt Greta is being prepared by Lina Peeva, Darina Zapryanova, and Kalina Popova. Yani Nikolov will be the Musician, Master Boek - Veselin Spasov / Petar Tiholov. Miroslav Dimitrov will present himself on the Burgas stage as the Artist, and Diman Panchev will be the Baker. The ballet staff of the State Opera - Burgas also takes part in the production.

          Let us, the adults, remember the cheerful time of childhood, along with all the experiences and experiences that have come, giving us a refreshing emotion, together with the children who need such fresh, educationally entertaining storylines.


The photos are from the rehearsal of the spectacle on the stage of the State Opera - Burgas.