19 may 2022 Prima ballerina Anelia Dimitrova is Nikia in "La Bayadere"

On Monday, May 23, at 7 pm on the stage of the State Opera - Burgas, the ballet classic "La Bayadere" will present an original and exciting reading of the dramatic love story - directed and directed by Vessa Tonova. The beautiful prima ballerina of the State Opera - Stara Zagora Anelia Dimitrova, who had the pleasure of watching the Burgas audience as Paquita in the ballet of the same name by Ludwig Minkus in early April this year, plays the role of the beautiful bayader Nikia with a tragic fate. will again bring incomparable aesthetic pleasure to fans of fine art. The choreography is by the longtime prima of the Sofia Opera and Ballet Vessa Tonova. The scenography is by the world-famous artist Ivan Tokadzhiev, and the costumes are the work of one of the best costume designers - the late Tsvetanka Petkova-Stoynova. Assistant choreographer is Galina Kalcheva, who is a tutor of the ballet troupe at the Burgas Opera, assistant director - Peter Tiholov. The Prime Minister-ballet dancer Daniel Tichkov enters the image of Solor, for whose love Nikia and Gamzati are fighting - the role is played by Haruka Suga, soloist of the Stara Zagora Opera. The images of the Golden God and Madgavaya include Teodor Tsakov, the Great Brahmin will be Svetlan Nikolov, Gamzati's Maid - Sofia Lovdzhieva, Dugmanta Raja - Danieil Dimitrov. Iva Ovcharova, Teodor Tsakov and Svetlan Tipikov will perform in the attractive Hindu dance. Participants in the Pas d’action: Yana Berduta, Natalie Ivanova, Sabina Koseva, Raya Chakarova, Kiril Filipov and Stoyan Fartunov. Trio of shadows will be: Natalie Ivanova, Yana Berduta and Raya Chakarova. In the lavish ballet production, which amazes with its attractive scenography. Emotional directorial reading and interesting choreographic decisions are also attended by artists from the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas. Before the presentation on the Burgas stage, the production of "La Bayadere" visited Sliven - on Friday, May 20, on the stage of the Drama Theater "Stefan Kirov". At the beginning of September 2021, "La Bayadere" was a great success on the stage of the Summer Theater in Varna. "La Bayadere" reveals the tragic love story of the Indian dancer in the temple of Nikia and the warrior Solor. Their love angers the great Brahmin, who is secretly in love with the dancer, and Princess Gamzati, who is in love with Solor. The Rajah, Gamzati's father, promised his daughter Solor a husband. The vengeful princess hides a snake in a flower basket designed for Nikia. During the bayader dance at a temple celebration, she was fatally bitten by a snake. The Brahmin offers an antidote to Nikia in exchange for her love, but she refuses. As she dies, she reminds Solor of his oath of eternal fidelity. Solor is devastated by the death of his beloved. Under the influence of opiates, he is transported to the Kingdom of Shadows, where he meets the spirit of Nicaea. Returning to reality, he cannot shake the memory of the meeting. At the wedding of Gamzati and Solor, before the exchange of oaths of allegiance, the temple was destroyed by an earthquake. Everyone dies, and the spirits of Nikia and Solor finally gather in the afterlife. The production of the State Opera - Burgas "La Baydere" was awarded the Golden Muse Award at the ceremony of the Association of Choreographers in Bulgaria, which took place in Hall I of the National Palace of Culture on International Ballet Day - April 29, 2019. The Golden Muse was for directing and directing.


Tickets for "La Bayadere" can be found at the box office of the Opera, at the box office "Clock" / in front of the hotel "Bulgaria" /, as well as in the networks of Grabo and Eventim, in the links to events in the program: https://operabourgas.com/ bg / program in the official website of the State Opera - Burgas.