21 february 2020 Renaissance Spirit In The Opera With "Bulgarians Of Old Tmes"

Today, at the Opera Hall, Burgas students from "Vasil Aprilov" Primary School are immersed in the patriarchal atmosphere of Bulgarians of old times and have fun with the characters of Lyuben Karavelov, transformed into the operetta by Asen Karastoyanov, adapted for children.

The production is directed by Darina Glavanakova-Bakardzhieva, the restoration is done by assistant directors Lina Peeva and Peter Tiholov. Soloists took the stage of the Burgas Opera today: the village champion Hadzhi Gencho was Veselin Spasov; in the image of Father Liben, also the first person, but with different political views from Hajji Gencho, entered Peter Tiholov; the son of Grandfather Liben - Pavlin, secretly in love with Lila, was Milen Dinolov; the heroine of his burn Lila, also secretly in love with him, recreated Stefka Hristozova; Branimir Nedkov introduced himself as Ivan, a rat at Liban's grandfather and beloved of Yanka; his beloved Yanka, a handmaid to Hadji Genchovi, played Merry Apostolova; in the entertaining images of Ercho and Gercho came Miroslav Dimitrov and Ivan Grozev; the gritty gypsy woman who hands over and sweetly walks - Lina Peeva; Grandma Todora was Magdalen Georgiev; the two gossips girls - when there were no modern means of information and the word was carried word of mouth - Nevena Mihaiyova and Blagovesta Beleva. The piano accompaniment was by Daria Krasteva, the leading thread of the story was Dora Furtunova, who introduced the children to the characters of the main characters and ideas of the work of Lyuben Karavelov.

          Inspired by Lyuben Karavelov's The Bulgarians of Old Time, written in Russia with a lot of love and nostalgia for the Motherland, the composer Asen Karastoyanov writes music to her and thus the operetta "Bulgarians of Old Time" was born. The main actors - the two great Koprivshtitsa grandfathers Liben and Hadji Gencho - were alive and influential, carrying the patriarchal spirit of the Bulgarians from the Renaissance. One is a harsh and rigorous, just man, his word is law, and the other - pious, scholarly, cunning and despotic. They were the two pillars of society at that time. In the years of slavery, they educate their children Peacock and Lilyana in submission, humility, and obedience. But the young listen to their heart, not the fathers led ...

          Like Pavlin and Lila, two other related souls - Ivan and Yanka, the apprentices of the two Chorbadji houses, also love each other secretly.

       Grandpa Liben and Hadzhi Gencho decide to get married and marry their children Pavlin and Lila. But for misfortune, they open the word who is smarter - the English or the Muscovites. Hadzhi Gencho, a supporter of the Russians, claims that the British are stupid; Grandpa Liben is ready to swear otherwise. From there, the dispute escalates into attacks and the evening ends with a feud and blood feuds.

          The old men are adamant - their children will not get married! The enamored Pavlin runs away from home, not to obey her father's will but to the voice of her heart. A fun and destiny meeting with the Gypsy follows, of course, and the gossip that slanders the innocent girl / that, from those times to this day, exists on our lands, alas ... / The story becomes entangled and Hadji Gencho sends the girl in love Leela at the monastery. As the girl cries behind the monastery walls, Santa Claus awakens the adventurous spirit, and he decides to help his son steal his beloved. Admirers gather on St. Athanasius' summer nights, ride horses, and leave. "There is no sweeter thing in the world than making a good man," says Grandpa Liben. Ercho and Gercho dress up as nuns. They have a plan to enter the monastery and bring Lila out. At the same time, Yanka and Ivan are also making a plan - to help steal Lila and then the four lovers to escape. But during this time, Hajzhi Gencho comes to see his daughter in the monastery, and Grandpa Liben steals a girl for her son. They both pounce on the old nun who supposedly protects the girl and at the same time helps steal the bride. Yanka has to clarify the whole situation and the elders give their blessing to the young. And the brave Yanka faces Grandpa Liben and demands the hand of her beloved Ivan! Grandpa Liben replies to her, "I don't give you Ivan, but I take you. You will live at home! "

          The happy fathers are understood to raise a cheerful wedding for their children, Pavlin and Liliana. They will also have a second wedding - Yanka and Ivan.

      The students of "Vasil Aprilov" Elementary School watched the action with interest and reacted to the fun dialogues as well as to the arias, who were skillfully involved in the plot without burdening. When asked if they had studied the piece "Bulgarians of Old-Time" by Lyuben Karavelov at school, they replied that they had not yet, but they liked the production and would be happy to read the story.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas