22 april 2021 Russian Romances Conquered The Opera Hall

On Tuesday night in the hall of the Burgas Opera happened what is actually the meaning of art - spontaneously caused excitement, empathy in the subtle nuances of the soul, touch to the most delicate folds of innate and cultivated sense of beauty, meaning and aesthetics, characteristic of Russian culture and soul.
The two primates Edelina Kaneva, Nona Krastnikova, and Mira Iskarova - on the piano, recreated - through music and lyrics, a nostalgic story in which there were restrained impulses, and gushing hopes, and hidden sorrow, and wisdom, and sadness.
Sense, taste and culture, respect for the musical sources of the great Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff, great interpretive mastery - in the nuances of dynamics and emotional messages woven into the musical text, recreated in beautiful Russian - all this was present in the concert evening "A cup of tea from Russian samovar ". And the audience, which included many people from the Russian diaspora, felt and appreciated it. The excitement gave way. And the gratitude of those present was palpable.
And yes, there really was a samovar, tea, and sweets in the hall - and after the concert the guests in the Opera Hall were given the opportunity to drink an irrigation sip of art, to drink tea from a real Russian samovar.
There were also many flowers for the three performers of Russian romances.
And the traditional flower basket by the mayor of Burgas - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, was an aesthetic addition to the stage atmosphere, which was sustained - and as lighting effects, and as sound, and as a presence.
"A cup of Russian samovar tea" will delight fans of Russian music today, Thursday, April 22, at 7 pm, at the Prosveta - 1888 Community Center in Pomorie.

Photos and video: State Opera - Burgas