17 august 2020 "Love story" Was Told On The Island Of St. Anastasia

Yesterday's windy August evening on the island of St. Anastasia sounds beautiful music from classical French cinema, united by the title "Love Story". The event was the latest in the Island Coupon 2020 program.
The conductor of the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas, with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, who, together with the soloists built the aesthetic appearance of the exciting concert performance, was maestro Yordan Dafov. With the skill of his conducting skills and overall noble demeanor, he brought back those present in the romantic years of the most beloved French films, with a refined attitude to the "things of life" and the relationship between man and woman, such as almost non-existent in contemporary pragmatic realities. 
The soloists
Andreana Nikolova, mezzo-soprano/guest / s
Alexander Baranov, tenor/guest / captivated the audience with the beautiful-emotional sonority and melody of the French language, which is not accidentally crowned as the "language of love". They sculpted a musical-verbal beauty that will be imprinted in the emotional memory of the empathized messages of "Love Story".
In the concert program, in which the strong wind was a direct participant, giving an additional original nuance, the music sounded
from the films "Moulin Rouge", "Fantomas", "Chateauvallon", "Love Story", "One Man and One Woman", "Fugitives", "Wing or Hip", "Tehran 1943", "Mania for Greatness", The Doors of the Night ”,“ The Cherbourg umbrellas ”,“ The policeman from Saint Tropez ”,“ Paris continues to sing ”,“ The toy ”,“ Fathers ”,“ Knock on a tree ”,“ The tall blond man with the black shoe ”by the French composers M. Legrand, W. Cosmas, F. Le, M. Mann, K. Saint-Saens, J. Oric, J. Cosmas, M. Polnarev, G. Garvarents, S. Aznavour, M. Monno, R. Lefebvre.