10 july 2020 Shine, Сtyle, Еlegance Аnd Цlass Аt Тhe Dance Gala Оn Friday

The second stage performance of the State Opera - Burgas within the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov", after the opening of the festival with large-scale production of "Masked Ball" by Giuseppe Verdi, will be the Dance Gala - tomorrow, July 10, Friday, from 21.00, at the Summer Theater. The music festivals are held for the 13th time in a row, with the support of the Municipality of Burgas. This year, due to objective circumstances, they were not opened with a premiere title, but the program is rich enough, includes opera and ballet productions, operettas, children's performances - as part of the series "Children's Summer" / "Pinocchio" and "Max and Moritz", operas for children by Alexander Yosifov, respectively on July 20 and August 4, from 20.00, and the musical comedy "The Four Twins" by Georgi Kostov - on August 17, from 19.30 /

The dance gala was presented with great success for the first time at the end of February this year, on the stage of the Opera. Due to the positive feedback and the audience's desire to see the brilliant performers again, tomorrow the balanced and skillfully selected program of the gala will once again charge the fans of art, subordinated to the muse Terpsichore, with mood and energy and will enchant with the magic of dance.

Magnificence, combining exquisite movements, in sync with beautiful music, creating an exciting experience - extravaganza and an explosion of emotions, await you on the stage of the Summer Theater on Friday night. The audience, which at the opening of the festival showed how much they are thirsty for life so far with the artists, will touch - through the messages of the ballet, the exquisite beauty of the creations of the brilliant dancers on stage.

In the rich two-hour program with variations and ensembles of famous ballets, attractive acrobatic performances, innovative staging solutions, performed by soloists Ivanina Ivanova / the young prima ballerina of the Burgas Opera will debut as Odette / Odilia in "Swan Lake" to the music of P. I. Tchaikovsky, staged by Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov, on August 13, at 8.30 pm, on the stage of the Summer Theater /, Adriana-Maria Manasieva, Daniel Tichkov, Polina Ivanova, Teodor Tsakov, Yana Berduta, Stoyan Fartunov, together with the ballet ensemble at the State Opera - Burgas, as well as the incredible performers from the Dance School "Dune", with artistic director Petya Stoykova, the young fakirs in acrobatics from the Sports Acrobatics Club "Petrochemical 2011", led by Diana Koleva, and young talents from Clu in sports dances "Burgas 1975".

Fragments from the ballets "Bayaderka", "Swan Lake", "Corsair", "Sleeping Beauty", "Pahita", "Don Quixote", "Esmeralda" have been selected. Emotions vary - from enthusiastic-festive to nostalgic-thoughtful, and the audience becomes an accomplice in experiencing the stage incarnations, feeling the nuances of feelings and emotions conveyed by artists through the media. The stylish scenography and multimedia with changing colors, in accordance with the emotional coloring of the respective performance, as well as the attractive costumes and the overall vision of the ballet dancers contribute to this beautiful interaction.

The conceptual creator of the Dance Gala - Galina Kalcheva, a longtime prima ballerina of the Burgas Opera and a tutor of the ballet ensemble, has designed the program so as to naturally alternate classical ballet dances with the performances of "Dune" lined with philosophical messages, as well as elegance. of the couples from the sports dances and the whirlwind stage presence of the acrobats, who amaze with super dynamic in the complex performances, requiring brilliant condition and synchronicity.

Galina Kalcheva is the prima ballerina of the State Opera - Burgas. Student of the prima ballerina Evgenia Krasteva. Her repertoire includes the roles of Juliet, Giselle, Pahita, Salome, Cinderella, Demna, Konstanz, Masha, and others. He has toured in France, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Turkey, Macedonia, and others. She taught classical ballet at NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Burgas, a teacher at the Children's Ballet School“ Kapka ”. Winner of "Crystal Lyre" of the Union of Music and Dance, a graduate of the Ministry of Culture for contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture, winner of an award for outstanding contribution to the development of ballet at the Annual Awards for Fashion and Show Business in Burgas. Winner of an award of the Municipality of Burgas on the occasion of the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture.





1. "Swan Lake" - waltz 1st act - music by PI Tchaikovsky, choreography, M. PETIPA, directed by Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov.


Variation of ODILIA from the 3rd act of the ballet "Swan Lake" - music by PI Tchaikovsky, choreography - M. PETIPA - Performed by Ivanina IVANOVA
3 .. Dune Dance Ensemble - Music by Billy AILISH, Choreography by Petya STOYKOVA, Radoslav YORDANOV.

"NEAPOLITAN DANCE" from the ballet "Swan Lake" - music by PI Tchaikovsky, choreography - M. PETIPA, directed by Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov - Performed by Adriana-Maria MANASIEVA and Ognyan IVANOV
Pa de deux from the ballet "Esmeralda" - music by C. PUNI, choreography by AL. GORSKI - Performed by Polina IVANOVA and Daniel TICHKOV
ADAGIO from the ballet "PAHITA" - music by E. Delvedez, L. Minkus, choreography by M. Petipa and M. Malevern - Performed by Yana BERDUTA and Teodor TSAKOV
KST "Burgas 1975" - Latin Mix - Performed by Mila PASHOVA, Ivan DOCHEV
8. "CORSAIR" - PA DE TROA - music. A. ADAM, choreography J. PERO, J. MATZELLIER - Performed by Daniela TURTUMANOVA, Adriana-Maria MANASIEVA, Natalie IVANOVA
9. Variation of Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty" - Music by P.I. Tchaikovsky, choreography, M. Petipa - Performed by Ivanina IVANOVA
Dune Dance Ensemble - Music Sia, choreography Petya STOYKOVA
ADAGIO from the ballet "DON QUIXOTE" - Music by L. MINKUS, choreography by M. PETIPA - Performed by Polina IVANOVA, Daniel TICHKOV
"Another thing about love" - ​​choreography by Yana BERDUTA, music by F. Paterlini - Performed by Yana BERDUTA
Hungarian dance from the ballet "Swan Lake" - music by P.I. Tchaikovsky, choreography, M. PETIPA, staged by Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov - Performed by Iva OVCHAROVA, Ivana FIALKOVSKA Stefan TIPIKOV, Ognyan IVANOV,
KST "BURGAS 75" - CHA - CHA - CHA - Performed by Ivan DOCHEV, Mila PASHOVA, Alexey ROGACHEV, Mia NIKOLOVA
15. Club for sports acrobatics "PETROCHEMIST 2011" - choreography Diana KOLEVA

Variation of NIKIYA from the ballet "BAYADERE" - Music by L. MINKUS, choreography by M. PETIPA - Performed by Ivanina IVANOVA
Excerpt from the ballet "BAYADERE", PA D'ACTION - Music by L. MINKUS, choreography by M. PETIPA - Soloists: Daniel TICHKOV, Adriana-Maria MANASIEVA, Polina IVANOVA, Yana BERDUTA, Daniela TURTUMVANOVA, Iva OVCHAROVA, Stefan TIPIKOV, Ognyan IVANOV