14 october 2020 The Sleeping Beauty Extravaganza Ballet At The Opera Hall Sisters Polina and Ivanina Ivanovi appear on stage as Princess Aurora and Fairy Lilac

Burgas spectators will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fairytale world of the ballet extravaganza "Sleeping Beauty" tomorrow, Thursday, October 15, from 19:00, in the hall of the Burgas Opera.
"Sleeping Beauty" is large-scale, ambitious and impressive - as a production, creative performance and aesthetic vision, a ballet project that reveals the world of an enchanted princess, good fairies, an evil sorceress with a heavy tragedy, a prince with a beautiful smile, good and brave heart, magic , a spectacle of colors, movements, emotions and beautiful details, sculpting a real fairy-tale reality. The ballet is based on the plot of one of Charles Perrault's most beloved children's tales and on the immortal music of PI Tchaikovsky.
The premiere of "Sleeping Beauty" was at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg in 1890. From its inception until today, it continues to be considered a classic in the repertoire of world theaters. "Sleeping Beauty" is the longest ballet of the genius Russian composer - its duration in the original is about four hours. It is almost always abbreviated. In the interpretation of Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov, the final quadrille is preserved, in which the characters from Pero's fairy tales dance - The Cat in Boots, Thumb, Little Red Riding Hood and others.
The choreography of "Sleeping Beauty" is based on Marius Petipa and Prof. Hikmet Mehmedov. The production and directing work of Professor Mehmedov is impressive with artistic perfectionism and creative scope, transporting the audience into a fairytale dimension, where aesthetics and a sense of balance rule. The sets, in accordance with the requirements of a similar scale of the unfolding of the action, are by the set designer Ivan Tokadjiev, whose style is often defined as close to that of Salvador Dali. The costume designer is the costume designer Tsvetanka Petkova-Stoynova, who received the award of the Association of Choreographers for her creative work in "Sleeping Beauty". The number of costumes in the production exceeds eighty, as the ballet dancers change their outfits during the action. They are made entirely by hand, and the women's dresses are embroidered with thousands of Swarovski crystals, each of them glued by hand to obtain the exquisite overall look of the fabulous stage costumes. Tutor of the ballet troupe of the State Opera - Burgas - Galina Kalcheva, who at the premiere, which took place on May 4, 2017, was on stage - in the role of Fairy Lilac.
Bright and colorful are all the images that make up the beautiful fairy-tale reality on the stage in "Sleeping Beauty". Svetlana Nikolov will see the Burgas audience as King Florestan, Lora Pehlivanova will appear on the Burgas stage as the Queen. Polina Ivanova enters the image of Princess Aurora, who is enchanted by the evil fairy and falls into a deep sleep for many years, until she is freed from the ordeal of Prince Desiree / Frederico Pinto, Prime Minister-Soloist of the State Opera - Stara Zagora / makes her debut. Branimir Nedkov will play the role of master of ceremonies Katalabyut. Polina Ivanova's sister Ivanina Ivanova has a debut expected as an audience as Fairy Lilac, whose brilliant debut in the roles of Odette / Odilia in Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" in August at the Summer Theater will be remembered for a long time. As Carabos, the fairy who, through a spell, sends Princess Aurora into the bosom of a memorable dream, debuts Yana Berduta. The gentle enchanting fairytale presence on the stage is also provided by: The Fairy of Tenderness - Patricia Suarez, the Fairy of Fertility - Iva Ovcharova / will be seen as Little Red Riding Hood in the Fairytale Procession /, Fairy of Generosity - Daniela Turtumanova, who will incarnate as Kotara in boots - also in the fairytale procession, the Fairy of Carelessness - Natalie Ivanova, Fairy of Courage and Princess Florina - Adriana-Maria Manasieva.
The male presence in the plot, full of magic, is no less colorful: Teodor Tsakov is the role of the Blue Bird. The white cat - Francesco Borriello / guest soloist from the Stara Zagora Opera /, as Ognyan Ivanov appears on the stage of the Scary Wolf. in the ensemble of Four Knights we will see Teodor Tsakov, Ognyan Ivanova Stefan Tipikov, Franceso Borriello. In the magnificent stage tale, told through the means of ballet art, the ballet ensemble of the State Opera - Burgas, as well as graduates of the ballet classes at NUMSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ”- Burgas.
The director of the State Opera - Burgas, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Tekeliev emphasizes that "in those days people were thirsty for the fabulous fantasies of aristocratic classicism."
In the production of the State Opera - Burgas you will see a magical vision, which, like a crystal ball in which snowflakes swim, like those from childhood, will alternate fairy-tale images, in a wonderful and enchanting dance, like a "pill of goodness and beauty" at a time when fairy-tale realities are too far removed from our pragmatic routine.