06 june 2023 Successfu Start Of "Emil Chakarov" With "Samson Et Dalila"

With the impressive performance of the opera SAMSON ET DALILA / SAMSON ET DALILA by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns, the XVI edition of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakerov" opened this evening on the stage of the Burgas Summer Theater - Official page.
The music festival is organized by the State Opera - Burgas and the Municipality of Burgas.
It was created strong - as an emotional charge, and professionally presented - according to all the canons of musical-stage art, a spectacle.
Under the baton of one of the most prominent conductors in the contemporary cultural space - Ivan Kozhuharov, the outstanding soloists: mezzo-soprano Daniela Diakova, tenor Kostadin Andreev, baritone Alexander Krunev Alexander Krunev, basses Delyan Slavoff Delyan Slavoff and Diman Panchev Diman Panchev, as well as and Lyubomir Todorov Lyubomir Todorov, Milen Dinolov Milen Dinolov, Pavel Ivanov Pavel Ivanov and all the other artists on stage - the choir, with choirmaster Nevena Mihaylova, the ballet - choreography Galina Kalcheva, the musicians from the orchestra, with concertmaster Hristo Belchev, told an exciting way the biblical legend about the destructive power of passion, about ancestral commandments and Divine enlightenment.
The three protagonists were indisputable - the beautiful and cruel Philistine Delilah - Daniela Dyakova, the Israeli Samson, gifted with a superpower hidden in his hair - Kostadin Andreev, the High Priest of Dagon /the god of the Philistines who conquered the Jewish people/ - Alexander Krunev.
Each of them was in amazing musical, artistic, and psychological harmony with the rest of the characters of the tragic story, which, despite the fact that it is from distant historical times, sounds relevant for every stage of human civilization. Because at our core, humans are unchangeable…
The rest of the soloists also had a strong presence, the choir distinguished itself with wonderfully constructed dynamics and phrasing, the orchestra performed the extremely difficult score of Camille Saint-Saëns in a brilliantly moving way - with the typical French music's melodiousness and depth, and the ballet was a real emotional-visual highlight of the spectacle - especially with the attractive scene of the "bacchanalia" - a real feast for the senses.
The production, directed by Associate Professor Alexander Tekeliev, Ph.D., contains originally presented analogies with common human themes, references to modern times, and symbolism. The scenography by Catalin Arbore /Romania/, consisting of only lighted lights, moved according to the dynamics of the action and the emotional states of the characters, is minimalist, in contrast to the lavish costumes and props, refined to the smallest detail.
A big "bravo" for the entire team - conductor, soloists, director, assistant directors, and specialists from the technical services, who presented the show in its monolithic integrity and completeness!
At the end of the performance, the traditional basket of flowers was presented on behalf of the Mayor of Burgas Municipality - Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, as well as a floral greeting for the soloists - on behalf of the management of the Burgas State Opera.
The only negative of the wonderful evening, dedicated to the art of the highest quality, was the unfavorable weather, too cool for the season.
The next event on the program of the Burgas Music Festival "Emil Chakarov" 2023 is the comic ballet LA FILLE MAL GARDÉE - on June 13 at 8:30 p.m. on the stage of the Summer Theater. Here's hoping June is considerably more flattering by then.

Photos: State Opera - Burgas